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Gira Introduces its Surface-Mounted Home Station Video Plus

Convenient operation with a compact and elegant appearance

The front of the surface-mounted home station video has a homogeneous design, and due to its capacitive sensor technology, it can be operated with a light touch of the buttons. It features a state-of-the-art TFT colour display and an editable menu.

Compared to the Standard variant, the Gira surface-mounted home station video Plus offers additional functions for even more convenient use. For example, you can’t just see who is at the door, you can also see who was at the door when you weren’t at home yourself. The corresponding sequences are recorded in the local image memory. Up to ten customised polyphone ringing tones can also be saved on the integrated microSD memory card.

The Gira surface-mounted home station video Plus will be available starting November 2014.

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