Installation: enhance your KNX offering by integrating door intercom

Simon Buddle discusses why systems integrators should consider adding door intercom as part of their KNX offer. If you had to boil an industry down to a single word what would that be for KNX? I would be the first to say that I’m quite robust in terms of not crossing boundaries into other systems, […]

Snom announces KNX Gateway for IP telephones

After two years of research, Snom Technology now holds a patent in the field of building automation and control of smart workplaces via VoIP terminals. At the end of 2022, the well-known IP telephone manufacturer Snom Technology GmbH was granted the European patent for developing the method to control KNX-capable devices using non-KNX-capable IP devices. […]

AGFEO Offers KNX Control with HyperVoice Software-Based Telephone System

AGFEO, a German manufacturer of communication systems, offers extensive KNX control and visualization functions with its new software-based telephone system “HyperVoice”. By linking to the telephone line, simple calls can control KNX objects. Due to the integrated dialler function of HyperVoice, real sequential alarm calls with optional acknowledgment are possible in addition to push messages, […]

Ingenium Offers Bes VIIP Touch Panel Combining Home Automation Control and Video Intercom

Advanced home automation control and video intercom in a single touch device VIIP is a new range of touch screens with integrated WEB server and support for SIP communications. This allows the screen to also act as a video intercom, offering call forwarding when connected to a network with a third-party SIP outdoor unit. Versatility in visualization and protocols […]

BAB TECHNOLOGIE Integrates DoorBird Door Stations to KNX Systems

You are watching TV, and someone rings your DoorBird doorbell. No need to get up from your couch to grab your smartphone: see who is at the door on the screen of your Panasonic TV! Thanks to the APP MODULE from BAB TECHNOLOGIE you can connect lots of KNX products.  The APP MODULE from BAB […]

Working from Home: bringing the home office up to standard using KNX

With so many more people working from home thanks to the pandemic, Simon Buddle discusses how KNX can be used to facilitate a safe and healthy environment. In spare bedrooms across the world, people have set up their temporary offices. The neighbour across the road has become the nearest thing I have to a work […]

Bird Home Automation Releases IP Door Station with Integrated 1080p Camera

With the DoorBird D1101V, the latest IP video intercom from Berlin-based manufacturer Bird Home Automation is now available worldwide. The D1101V with one call button combines a compact, elegant design with DoorBird’s IP technology and comes in a surface-mounted and flush-mounted version. The smart intercom sends push notifications when the call button is pressed, and […]

PEAKnx and Bird Home Automation Collaborate to make Front Door Control Smarter

Partnership Between Home Automation Experts PEAKnx, manufacturer of solutions for home and building automation from Darmstadt, Germany, has partnered with Bird Home Automation, the Berlin-based IP video door intercom manufacturer that develops innovative door communication technologies under the brand name “DoorBird”. This partnership brings numerous advantages for KNX users: The DoorBird door station can be […]

Siedle Offers New Entry-level Smart Gateway for IP Door Communication

Lower-priced Gateway Siedle has revised the specification for its Smart Gateway. The path into the IP network has now become easier – and considerably more economical. Connecting door communication with the IP world is becoming increasingly important. Siedle has redesigned the Smart Gateway to provide an exact fit for these demands. The new Smart Gateway […]

BEMCO Offers the Zennio Z41 COM Domotic & Video Intercom in the UK

All-in-one solution from Zennio Zennio has introduced its all-in-one home intercom solution – Z41 COM. The capacitive touch panel offers additional communication features, including video intercom based in Zennio GetFace IP. The home intercom fully complies with the control capabilities of Z41 family (up to 96 functions available) and thanks to the integration with the […]