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Ingenium Offers Bes VIIP Touch Panel Combining Home Automation Control and Video Intercom

Advanced home automation control and video intercom in a single touch device

VIIP is a new range of touch screens with integrated WEB server and support for SIP communications. This allows the screen to also act as a video intercom, offering call forwarding when connected to a network with a third-party SIP outdoor unit.

Versatility in visualization and protocols

The touch screen offers visualizations by plans or rooms, integrated WEB server for iOS/Android, native integration in protocols such as ZWave, Zigbee/CHIP/Matter, KNX, BUSing, etc. IFTTT Support, and MQTT Broker, and the possibility of configuration as a Modbus client or server and Python programming.

Connectivity, screen sizes and colour options

Different network interfaces (WiFi, WiFi+1RJ45, WiFi+2RJ45) offer the choice between 7” and 10” screen sizes, white or black front glass frame and back casing.

Outdoor panels compatibility

The home automation VIIP screen has SIP support for video door entry solutions, and is fully compatible with the SIP outdoor panels from the main manufacturers.

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