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AVE announces the TS-SMART10 touch screen for KNX systems – the evolution of supervision

The TS-SMART10 is the new flagship product in AVE’s KNX range.

AVE’s innovative Touch Screen with 10″ colour display is able to perform as a local KNX supervisor; a feature that increases installation opportunities, while confirming AVE’s commitment to system integration.

AVE combines an indoor video intercom and a home automation supervisor in a single device, combining elegance and the flexibility typical of KNX technology. It’s also enhanced by a clear and intuitive user interface. You can view the pages of a web server by simply entering the IP address of the server itself. Alternatively, you can connect the KNX bus to the TS-SMART10 via standard KNX terminals and configure group objects via the ETS software (up to 2000 group objects are available). No auxiliary APP is required to insert maps and images of the building; an SD card is sufficient to upload the images to the device.

Designed to guarantee impeccable performance, the AVE 10″ Touch Screen is also innovative from an aesthetic point of view. The flush-mounting installation on the classic 3-module horizontal box for wiring accessories series, as well as facilitating positioning, enhances the device’s ultra-thin design, ensuring a projection of just 9 mm from the wall. The bi-material front frame in aluminium and glass gives it a high-tech elegance emphasised by the integrated LED bar: an additional touch of style for soft ambient lighting with selectable colour. Available in two colour options, natural or anthracite brushed aluminium, it also offers perfect aesthetic coordination with the S44 aluminium front plates.

The 10″ Smart Supervisor completes AVE’s KNX range, which already includes the main system modules, switches (toggle, rocker and touch) and the innovative Room Controller. A perfect blend of aesthetics and state-of-the-art solutions designed to enhance KNX technology.

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