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Control4 + KNX brings ease of control to a stunning Belgian home

House BE in the Belgian countryside combines brick, wood and concrete along with natural tones to create a stunning, contemporary property that offers indoor-outdoor living at its best. Internal courtyards, a kitchen terrace and extensive landscaped grounds sit alongside a home cinema, a basement wellness area and bar, and open-plan living spaces to create a family home that exceeds 1,000sqm, all unified under a Control4 automation system, designed and integrated by Control4 Partner, Woelf.

A core requirement of the client was for an easy-to-use, simple and intuitive home automation system that would automate as much technology in the house as possible while creating a safe, enjoyable and comfortable environment. The family also wanted an interface that worked on multiple platforms – touchscreens, remotes and personal devices – with the same look and feel across them all.

To achieve this experience, Woelf opted for a KNX backbone for comfort-based applications overlaid by the Control4 platform for AV integration and unified control, visualisation and operation of the whole home using touchscreens and remotes.

Jan Martens of Woelf explains the thinking behind these choices: “Everything that’s comfort-based is almost all KNX-based; the lighting control, the HVAC control and so on. It’s really reliable and its futureproof. On top of that we used Control4 for integration and visualisation. The Control4 system provides an easy-to-use interface that is identical across platforms. In addition, it has a clean and modern design, which suits the appearance our clients look for.”

Woelf used their KNX programming template for simplicity and speed. The Control4 system is connected seamlessly to the KNX system using the KNX Routing Gateway driver with a multicast connection.  

The Control4 solution is the interface for audio, video, lighting, security, shading and more at House BE. The substantial property features 21 audio zones, including one high-end stereo zone and a home cinema, supported by a separate amplifier per two zones. This gives the system the capability to deliver a quality audio experience with enough power in every room. In-ceiling speakers have been installed throughout the property along with free-standing units in the main living space. Control4 enables access to AirPlay and TuneIn so the client can stream music at the touch of a button, while amplifiers ensure high-resolution playback.

In terms of security, Woelf installed an IP-based system, meaning that the programming, configuration and the integration of the Control4 system was achieved at an IP level, allowing the team to access all the detectors and sensors in the house. The alarm was also integrated into the home automation system to give the client an easy-to-use setup. This also means that every touchscreen in the property can act as a full-blown security panel, helping to meet the client’s desire to make security a priority while ensuring the property feels like a family home.

Two types of controls were implemented for the 26 curtains throughout the property – one automatic using KNX and one manual. The automated setup is designed to save energy: when the alarm is turned on, all the curtains are automatically closed so that the HVAC system uses less energy to maintain the right temperature in the house. The manual control, meanwhile, allows the client to manage and adapt all 26 curtains to meet their immediate needs.

The Control4 system also handles the HVAC as the client didn’t want a separate thermostat to manage the temperature. The BACnet protocol was utilised to integrate the HVAC and Control4 systems and ensure everything could be controlled using one interface.

The result of this extensive project is a stunning family home that is both minimalist and characterful and that, most importantly, truly meets the needs of everyone living in it.

More information on Control4 can be found at Information on Woelf is available at

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