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Theben offers clean air for healthy learning with thePrema P360 KNX Multi

CO2 sensor detects air quality / great benefit for daycare centres and schools / One component, two functions

High indoor air quality and regular ventilation of rooms are essential for well-being and health. Especially in day-care centres and classrooms, measuring the CO2 concentration ensures that rooms are ventilated in a targeted manner and that the CO2 content of the air remains within safe limits. Still, many public facilities do not have CO2 detectors.

Two devices in one housing

Although presence detectors are often installed in new buildings for lighting control, CO2 measurement is not provided for. The reason: retrofitting CO2 detectors often requires an expansion of the KNX infrastructure. This is where thePrema P360 KNX Multi from Theben reveals its strength: The device combines a presence detector and a CO2 sensor in one compact housing. That way, only one component needs to be mounted. It significantly reduces the installation effort and keeps the costs for retrofitting low. Already existing thePrema KNX presence detectors can be upgraded easily and cost-effectively. The combined device provides two bus participants in one housing.

Reduced depth for an elegant look

Apart from presence and CO₂ content, relative humidity, temperature and barometric air pressure are also detected. This allows further actions of the KNX-based building control system to be triggered with the device. At an installation height of three metres, people are reliably detected in a square area of 9 x 9 metres. At the same time, the device precisely measures the CO2 concentration. Ventilation is controlled efficiently via the KNX building automation system on the basis of easily configurable threshold values. Visually, little changes for users: thePrema P360 KNX Multi is only slightly deeper, at around 3.7 cm, and can thus be used flexibly.

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