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Aurex Offers OS-409i-KNX Presence Detector

The Aurex OS-409i-KNX Presence Detector has an integrated PIR motion detector and light level detector, solely designed for KNX home and building control systems. It can be used in lighting and HVAC control to achieve energy saving. 

The presence detector has a flat appearance with only 7mm thickness exposed from the ceiling and provides 360° and 9m diameter detection coverage. It has 4 outputs for lighting and HVAC automation control applications.

In addition, it has a built-in Lux sensor for light level management to make constant light control possible, especially, with the help of its associated IR-11KNX remote control. The ambient Lux value can be learned by the detector for free setting.

The IR remote control is also for easy and quick configuring the Lux, Time and Meter control parameters and for programming the detector in the KNX system.


  • For use in KNX (EIB), TP (Twisted Pair) bus system in conjunction with other KNX device
  • Extremely flat surface and integrated housing design with spring clamp for easy and quick installation.   
  • Multiple channels provided for controlling more KNX devices simultaneously.
  • Control parameters (Lux, Time, STBY, STBY%) of detector can be set by IR remote control for easy and quick settings.
  • The ambient Lux value can be learned as the threshold for switching on / off the loads by IR if the pre-set Lux value does not match user’s requirement.
  • A red LED is equipped as an indicator for test triggering and IR setting and a green LED is for indicating ETS installation. However, the LED function can be disabled by ETS.
  • This presence detector provides multi-functions of PIR movement detector and light level detector.

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