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Gira Offers New KNX Presence Detector Mini in Standard and Komfort Versions

Featuring a subtle design and a flat profile, the new Gira KNX presence detector Mini is a good choice for properties with high architectural demands. It detects even the smallest movements in the room and enables automatic control of various functions in the KNX system on the basis of presence. For example lighting, heating, or ventilation can be controlled entirely as required and in an energy-efficient manner.

Thanks to various designs such as variants for ceiling installation, flush-mounted installation or surface-mounted installation, the Gira KNX presence detector Mini can be used both indoors and outdoors. Two different versions are available: Standard and Komfort.

KNX presence detector Mini Standard

The Gira KNX presence detector Mini Standard features an integrated bus coupling and three PIR sensors and is also equipped with a brightness sensor. It can either be used as an individual device, a main unit or an auxiliary unit and enables fully automatic or semi-automatic lighting control. It can also be combined with other Gira KNX presence detectors. The delay time can be set flexibly and adapts to user behaviour if desired. Only a minimum and a maximum value needs to be specified for this purpose. Depending on the duration of the movement it detects in the room, the Gira KNX presence detector Mini Standard then selects a correspondingly short or long delay time.

Gira KNX presence detector Mini Komfort

When compared with the Standard variant, the KNX presence detector Mini Komfort offers numerous additional functions. In addition to the infrared remote control option, the Gira KNX presence detector Mini Komfort includes many other software features for smart lighting control.

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