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ThinKnx Launches its new Pro Line Servers

Ready-made solutions for automation

ThinKnx has renovated the entire range of Pro Line servers, by means of the implementation of the hardware components, with new powerful processors and mind-blowing electronic boards, and a total restyling in the design of the cases, which push the boundaries of what KNX-based devices can do.

The ThinKnx servers cover the needs of the Home and Building Automation supervision market, not only with the direct connection to the KNX world, but also with plenty of bidirectional integrations with third-party devices.

The Pro Line includes:

  • Micro_20 and Compact_20
  • Micro DIN and Compact DIN
  • Envision7_20 – Envision7R_20 – Envision10_20
  • Rack

Completely restyled in its drive electronics, Micro_20 has become a more powerful device, even more performing.

Digital/Analog inputs and outputs on the new Compact_20 makes it the perfect choice for hotel solutions or complex buildings.

In order to increase the flexibility of the installation also in plants where the positioning in the electrical cabinet is required, Micro and Compact servers are also available for DIN rail mounting.

Envision_20 has been totally restyled, both in terms of design and functionalities. Tailor-made with high care for detail, the new generation of frames has a unique design and researched curves which make them perfect to be installed in any location.

Available as 7” or 10” touch screen, either server or client version, it comes with temperature, humidity and ambience luminosity sensors already on board, allowing the use of the touch panel as a thermostat. New implementations on internal loudspeaker and microphone permit to use the Envision as internal intercom station compatible with the main IP brands.

The RS485 and RS232 ports embedded allow the direct integration with third-party systems such as Modbus, Z-Wave, security and multimedia systems.

The entire Pro-Line enables the connection of unlimited clients, the management of unlimited KNX groups and reports already included in the basic version, as well as the possibility to use the server as KNX net/IP interface or router.

The ThinKnx UP supervision system has been enriched with new integrations such as the “VIAVAI” Access Control module and additional gateways including Velux (direct connection through LAN) and ModBus (in both Master and Slave modality, RTU and ASCII), therefore offering more and more possibilities to the integrator. The utmost ease of configuration, the intuitive project creation and the user-friendly UI make ThinKnx the perfect solution for any kind of plant.

An advanced Cloud service is available for free to all the ThinKnx users. It simplifies daily operations and connections, as well as the maintenance and commissioning of the projects. Besides the traditional services, ThinKnx Cloud offers new functionalities that make the system management easier for both user and installer.

Here are some of the already available services:

  • Seamless distribution of projects from configurator to server and all the clients, wherever they are
  • Free dynamic DNS service
  • Remote connection to the clients without any port forwarding or router configuration
  • Collection of user data from the installations and storage into a safe DB
  • Push notification on all the platforms

Some additional capabilities of the new Pro Line through the ThinKnx UP:

  • Advanced data analysis through the free ThinKnx Portal
  • Remote KNX programming
  • Monitoring of the installation state

The constant implementation of the ThinKnx Portal gives the users the ability to manage advanced graphics, load control, remote server monitoring on multiple installations such as multi-branch retail stores, chain hotels or clusters of villas and offers the possibility to check the status of the server, upload a license, interact with the online KNX line and do general updates.

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