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Zennio Invents the KNX Re-evolution with ALLinBOX

KNX has been a synonym for innovation and evolution ever since its conception in 1990. For 30 years KNX partners have come up with ideas and products to make the smart home industry more accessible.

This evolution can be seen in the ETS software, in the use of new technologies, in the compatibility of KNX with other control systems, but it is not that often that we can see an evolution in the way a KNX line looks like, and this is what Zennio has managed to do with its latest invention: The ALLinBOX.

The question was simple: can a KNX installation have 1 single device?

KNX installations require a KNX Power Supply, an interface (usually USB or IP), outputs (to control things) and inputs (to provide user control), and this is the starting point for almost every KNX installation, so, why not put it all together in one device? And that’s how the ALLinBOX was born, an industry revolution making it possible to have a fully operative KNX installation with just one device.

The name, as with every Zennio device, gives some additional information, so the first device of the ALLinBOX family, the ALLinBOX 1612, is a 640mA KNX Power Supply with an auxiliary 29VDC power supply, an IP Interface, 16 relay outputs (configurable as individual, shutter channel or fancoil controller), 12 analogic/digital inputs and 20 logical functions.

The 640mA Power Supply is perfect to then add all the other KNX bits: actuators, inputs, touch panels, switches and so on. The IP interface makes it perfect for remote support and BMS communication and the multifunction outputs and inputs plus the logical functions make it suitable for any project.

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