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B.E.G. Launches KNX Occupancy Detectors with Human Centric Lighting Control

The intelligence for light control and light quality: occupancy detectors

With its KNX Generation 7, B.E.G. is launching KNX occupancy detectors on the market that feature outstanding innovations in the control light quality. These include the integration of an HCL control system. HCL stands for “Human Centric Lighting”, a lighting control system that puts the focus on people. The light colour and intensity is gently changed throughout the day.

The curve is based on the natural course of sunlight. The customer can choose between three standard light curves developed by experts: Industry, office and school. Customers can also create their own curves, but only integrators who are familiar with the effects of HCL lighting should do so.

KNX occupancy detectors also open up new possibilities in ambient lighting. In addition to controlling HCL luminaires, they can also control RGB lighting. For example, the logo colour can be selected as night light in the entrance area. As soon as the detector detects movement, white light is switched on.

In Generation 7, the new KNX secure security standard has also been implemented. If this is activated via the ETS, the protocols are sent in encrypted form. They can then only be decrypted by the legitimate protocol recipient. It is then no longer possible to intercept the data, for example by connecting a laptop from another company to a switch. The end user does not notice the change; the system can still be operated using switches or visualisations.

The connection between KNX and DALI: The Gateway

The new B.E.G. KNX/DALI Gateway connects the KNX system with the DALI system. It supports Human Centric Lighting luminaires of type DT8, with which the colour temperature and light intensity can be regulated throughout the day according to the course of the sun. The logic of the HCL control system is housed in the B.E.G. Generation 7 occupancy detectors, while the control for the DALI luminaires is handled by the gateway. In addition to the regulation of the white tone, RGB colour control also be passed on to corresponding luminaires, thus enabling, for example, ambient lighting in the corporate colours.

The new KNX/DALI gateway also enables energy-efficient lighting control. In addition to normal DALI lights, DALI emergency lights can also be connected to the system. The legally required function tests of the emergency luminaires can then be easily called up regularly via the KNX system.

A total of up to 64 DALI devices in up to 16 groups can be connected to the gateway. On the DALI side, in addition to the luminaires, the integration of B.E.G. DALI LINK multi-sensors is also possible.

Implementation in light colour and light quality: the panel luminaires

DALI Device Type 8 luminaires are required to implement HCL lighting control. The “Tunable White” LED panel luminaires of the PL1 series from B.E.G. combine attractive design with the latest LED technology. They have both warm white and cool white LEDs. The control unit mixes with these to create the desired tone.

The extremely flat housing is suitable for installation in modular ceilings with a low installation depth and with white and aluminium frame colours, the LED panel luminaires can be perfectly fitted into many ceiling systems. In addition, the diffuser ensures uniform illumination and pleasant light distribution in the room. The luminaires are equipped with warm and cool white LEDs that can be controlled separately.

The LED driver operates according to the latest DALI Device Type 8 standard for Tunable White. This makes these luminaires ideal for “Human Centric Lighting” (HCL). The luminaires can be controlled very easily using the KNX Generation 7 occupancy detectors. They can also be controlled by other DALI HCL systems that support Device Type 8.

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