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ekinex Offers I/O Module for KNX Hotel Applications

The ekinex EK-HO1-TP module allows you to manage all functions of a hotel room: lighting, temperature control, shades and input/output indications.

The device is equipped with membrane keys for manual control and status indication LEDs; a pushbutton allows to switch mode from automatic to manual and vice versa.

The device integrates a KNX bus communication module and is intended for mounting on a 35 mm standard DIN-rail. It is supplied by the KNX bus; in order to be operational it also requires a 230 Vac voltage.

• 4 configurable as analogic (for NTC temperature sensor) or digital (used individually or coupled)
• 4 digital used individually or coupled
• 5 digital of which:
– 1 for badge contact
– 1 for external access control
– 1 for window or generic contact
– 1 for call for assistance/emergency contact
– 1 for «Please make room» contact

• 11 digital of which:
– 4 with 5(3) A relais for blind or shade control (if paired) or ON/OFF load switching (if single)
– 6 single with 16(10) A relais for ON/OFF load switching
– 1 powered at 12/24 Vac for controlling an electric lock
• 1 analogic 0-10 V for fan speed control of a fancoil unit with brushless motor

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