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Gira Offers High level of System Continuity with New Smart Home and Security Solutions

As a full-range supplier of intelligent system solutions for building control, Gira showcased numerous innovations at the Light + Building 2018 trade fair – products and solutions for the smart home as well as for alarms and security. In addition, Gira presented a new design line and other design variants of existing ranges. The striking feature of all new innovations is that they integrate consistently into and expand Gira’s existing systems. This not only guarantees a high level of functionality with maximum flexibility, but also extends all the way through to device parametrisation, which is now especially easy.

Secure remote access: Gira S1

Anyone planning or building a smart home today wants to be able to view and control it remotely, for instance, to check camera images, switch on the heating, or let down the blinds. The problem is: unauthorised persons could also use this remote access. For critical users, this is a real reservation when it comes to smart technologies. However, this concern no longer applies now that Gira can reliably encrypt communications with the S1 remote access module.

The Gira S1 enables the entire KNX smart home to be maintained and operated remotely and securely for the first time. In addition, the module allows secure remote access to web-based visualisations. And conversely, processes in the building can be transferred directly to the smartphone, for example, if the smoke detector is triggered. The good news for master electricians is that the Gira S1 remote access module is extremely easy and intuitive to set up.

We have perfected use of the Gira S1 in combination with the Gira X1 and the Gira HomeServer. With both products, app-based remote maintenance and remote control are already integrated. This makes the complicated activation of a VPN by the user unnecessary. Users can see when secure remote access is available via the remote access symbol in the app’s status bar. As the server for the Gira device portal is located in Germany, it is subject to German data protection laws. This ensures that the stringent German data protection standards are maintained.

The Gira S1 is available now.

All-rounder on the wall: Gira G1

The Gira G1 operating device for KNX systems has always been an all-round talent on the wall. It can even be used to control sophisticated building technology centrally and conveniently – from lighting and blind control, to room temperature control and audio control, through to connecting to the Gira door communication system and setting the lighting colour desired when using RGB, RGBW and TunableWhite lights.

With the new releases specifically for Light + Building, the G1 has finally become a true all-rounder. In combination with the Gira X1 server, the Gira G1 can now also be used as an X1 client. And this is where it shows its true talents: From lighting and shading, to heating and cooling, scene and music control, through to the integration of network cameras – all functions are started up quickly and easily thanks to the Gira Project Assistant (GPA). Due to the direct connection to the Gira X1, no additional KNX IP router is required in the system to operate the G1 as an X1 client.

It is also possible to integrate other systems into the G1 via client functions, for example the Gira door communication system or the Gira Alarm Connect security system. In this case, the Gira G1 becomes either a full-featured home station or the central operating unit for the alarm system. The G1 can now also be used as client for the Gira HomeServer or a Gira FacilityServer; it replicates the interface design of the Gira HomeServer. Nearly all the functions included in the scope of series delivery of the Gira HomeServer are supported. A particularly persuasive aspect is that thanks to the Gira G1’s updatability, devices that are already installed can be equipped and used as
a Gira HomeServer client.

Furthermore, the Gira G1 can be used as an intelligent operating unit for eNet SMART HOME, which enables intuitive access to all functions of the wireless system.

Gira X1 and Amazon Alexa voice control

It has already become part of the furnishings of a smart home: Amazon Alexa. It searches the Web for music, read aloud and gives you the latest weather report. The next logical step is obvious – to control intelligent building functions using Amazon Alexa. Gira makes this possible through the connection to the Gira X1 server. This allows you to switch the lights on and off, dim the lights or raise the blinds using your voice. You can access entire scenes with a few programmed commands, for instance: “Alexa, start the cinema light scene” or “Alexa, make my lights blue”. Especially convenient: This solution follows the “Plug and Talk” principle and the components are coupled quickly and easily. Extremely secure: Alexa is connected to the Gira X1 via the Gira S1 remote access module.

Scheduled delivery date for the Gira X1 update: 06/2018.

Gira X1 and Sonos audio control

You can also control Sonos speakers easily using the Gira X1 – in fact, it’s child’s play with the smart Gira X1 app. You can also integrate the music control into the wall-mounted Gira KNX touch sensors for quick access to the play function.

Scheduled delivery date for the Gira X1 update: 10/2018.

One tool for many applications: Gira Project Assistant GPA

In the electrical trade, it is a well-known fact that configuring the installed products is generally a complex matter, also because different start-up tools often need to be synchronised. It is doubly frustrating especially because many separately branded software tools not only eat away at your time and capacity, but also make calculating the programming workload more difficult. The Gira Project Assistant (GPA) now puts an end to this and provides master electricians with a single start-up tool that can handle a wide range of applications.

With the free updates for Light + Building, Gira is presenting two comprehensive innovations: besides the existing logic functions and visualisation features, it is now possible to start up the Gira door communication system and the new Gira security system Alarm Connect with the GPA.

The tool links the individual Gira systems together and scores points for user- friendliness across all phases of configuration. For master electricians, this means consistent and intuitive planning, configuration, simulation, documentation and maintenance for a multitude of devices. Building technology has never been easier or quicker to configure – and this is a major cost factor in intelligent building technology. The standardised programming also means that master electricians who are already using GPA will need minimal training. Once you’ve “learned” the GPA, you know all you need to know to place all the additional functions and devices into operation and link up the systems.

Many systems – one tool. The Gira Project Assistant can now be used for the Gira X1, the Gira L1, the Gira door communication system and the Gira security system Alarm Connect.

Blinds and light in one: Gira System 3000

Over the past year, the Gira System 3000 blind controller has been a hit with tradespeople and customers alike. Gira has added the light feature in time for the Light + Building trade fair. And the cherry on the cake: It is not a simple extension but a consistent integration of the control functions for the lighting and blinds. This means that the lighting and blind controller inserts not only fit all system top units, but the top units automatically detect whether they are placed on a light or blind insert and adjust their functionality accordingly. The result is a universal and transparent system with few components but a wealth of functions.

The products in the Gira System 3000 feature intuitive operation and simple button labelling. The Gira System 3000 blind controller product range previously contained the Standard and Memory operating top units as well as the blind timer with display. New products added to the range include the

Gira System 3000 blind timer and timer Bluetooth, the Gira System 3000 motion detector top unit 1.10 m Standard, the Gira System 3000 motion detector top unit 2.20 m Komfort Bluetooth and the Gira System 3000 presence and motion detector 360° top unit Bluetooth.

Bluetooth enables – in addition to manual or automatic control of functions – programming and operation via the Gira app: with a smartphone or tablet from the comfort of your sofa without requiring any special programming tools or a network. This is simply ideal for users who appreciate their creature comforts.

By combining the light and blind controller to form the new installation kit System 3000, Gira is providing a compact and clearly structured range for the key controlling tasks in electrical installation. The consistent multiple use of the system top units for the light and blind functions goes hand in hand with a significant reduction in system components. For the craft and trade sector this means: fewer components, greater transparency and lower storage volume.

The Gira System 3000 is available now.

Black. White. Beautiful: Gira Studio design line

The new Gira Studio design line is an eye-catching feature on the wall. With it, Gira interprets light switch shapes and functions in the context of current trends in interior design. The distinctive look is created by directly combining round and square shapes. Here, something square does go into something round – contrary to the proverbial peg and hole. Gira Studio consciously considers itself a design statement.

The new line can be flush-mounted or surface-mounted. The surface- mounted version in particular has been consciously developed as a visible installation that can be displayed to full effect on bare brickwork, exposed concrete and textured plaster. The cover frames are black glass and white glass. In the surface-mounted version, the housings are made from robust thermoplastic, just one-gang, in pure white glossy and black glossy. However, these can be placed next to one another with any number of housings. Flush-mounted cover frames, 1 to 3-gang, are available in pure white glossy and black glossy.

Despite its unique optical appearance, Gira Studio is a consistent further development of the Gira System 55, whose more than 300 functions can be integrated into the new design line.

Scheduled delivery date: 10/2018.

Dark energy: Gira E2 in black matt

Black – dark and menacing yet refined, pure, elegant and modern. Architects and designers love not least the tension and the energy that are concealed in black. Gira has therefore added the exclusive on-trend colour black matt to its Gira E2 design line – the design classic among the switch series. This is where pure elegance meets formal practicality and high-end functionality.

Gira is showcasing the Gira E2 design line in black matt for the first time at Light + Building. Thus, the entire design line with all its variants includes stainless steel and thermoplastic versions in black matt, anthracite, lacquered aluminium, pure white matt and pure white glossy. The full range will also beavailable in a version for flat-mounting – in this case, the switch frame is a mere 3 mm. This diversity of design with its different values provides architects with a wide range of opportunities to create eye-catching features and make indoor lighting come to life.

State-of-the-art technology is hidden beneath the beautiful surface. After all, the Gira E2 range includes not only switches and socket outlets, but also electronic components, data and communication technology as well as numerous functions for door communication and for the KNX system. This is because Gira E2 is part of the Gira System 55. This modular system combines a large selection of modern building technology functions – there are over 300 – with a wide range of design variations from a total of six Gira design lines.

Scheduled delivery date: 10/2018.

Mobile and secure: Gira DCS mobile

Whether on the move or using your home’s WiFi: With Gira DCS mobile, Gira presents a new type of mobile door communication access. It is available as a function in the familiar DCS IP gateway for iOS and Android smartphones and is thus a proprietary portal solution by Gira. Features such as early media or group calls ensure that you know who is at the door even when you are not at home. Gira’s proprietary app DCS mobile is available for iOS and Android. Incidentally: Even if the app is not open, a notification is sent via push notification in the case of an incoming call.

Moreover, communication is not just mobile; it is also encrypted via Secure Data Access (SAD), which is also used in the Gira S1 remote access module. In the version presented at Light + Building, images are updated twice every second. Other functionalities will follow in later updates. An update file will be available for all users who already use a DCS IP gateway.

Scheduled delivery date: 08/2018.

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