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ABB Launches MyBuildings Portal – a One-Stop Solution for Remote Control of Building Automation

ABB has launched its MyBuildings portal, a secure online platform powered by its cloud-based, industry-leading portfolio of digital solutions, ABB Ability™, which allows end users to manage and control a wide range of automated home and building services.

The portal (formerly known as myabb-livingspace®) has been improved by providing access to ABB i-bus® KNX, ABB-free@home®, ABB-tacteo KNX sensor and ABB-Welcome in one secure location.

“Our customers want to be connected at all times, especially when it comes to controlling their homes and buildings,” said Axel Kaiser, Global Product Manager of Building Automation. “MyBuildings gives them that control, so they no longer have to be at the building to turn-up the heating, switch off the lights or even answer the door. It is our latest development aimed at making the lives of home owners and building managers easier and safer

ABB i-bus® KNX, ABB-free@home®, ABB-tacteo KNX sensor and ABB-Welcome can be used independently from the portal but with the MyBuildings portal customers can control and manage all of their ABB products easily and remotely. ABB is offering a free 30-day trial and customers can then subscribe from 2.49€ per month.

By accessing the ABB i-bus® KNX portfolio, solutions such as the Busch-ControlTouch®, Busch-ComfortTouch® or the KNX Security Panel GM/A can also be used. Home owners using the ABB safe&smart App can also benefit from increased remote protection against intrusion, personal attack, smoke and water leakage, with alerts sent automatically to their smartphone if an issue is detected.

Connecting to ABB-free@home® offers users the ability to remote control all the internal systems and features of a building from the blinds to the lights, heating and air-conditioning through to door communication.

Also available on the MyBuildings portal is a configurator for the ABB-tacteo KNX sensor, which can be used to determine the design and desired functions of this intelligent building control element for luxury hotels and high class residential buildings.

Finally, in conjunction with the ABB-Welcome outdoor video station, customers can see visitors arriving at their home and talk to them, while controlling the lights and remotely giving access via a smartphone or tablet. The system can be configured for multiple users and its event log synchronizes regularly with the MyBuildings portal, so that users will be alerted to any missed callers. The ABB-Welcome system also captures images of any visitors calling at the home, which are saved and can be downloaded to any registered mobile device.

Axel Kaiser concludes: “The portal is secure and simple to access on a web browser or app and depending on additional product integrations, it can also be used in-conjunction with the Sonos sound systems as well as Amazon, Apple and Google voice-controlled devices.”

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