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JUNG Shows KNX Technology with Smart Voice Control

“Alexa, switch on the living room light” – with the intelligent link of KNX building technology and Amazon Echo voice control, the home becomes even more convenient. The interface is the JUNG Visu Pro software.

The connection can be implemented quickly by a specialist. The customer first activates the Smart Home skill “JUNG Visu Pro” in the Alexa app. Then, the system integrator transfers the customer data to the JUNG Visu Pro software and selects the functions that the user would like to control by voice. They also allocate here special “Alexa names” to be spoken as voice commands. The “Create Alexa report” function is very useful here. This produces a PDF file in which all language functions in use are listed with example command phrases.

Managing voice commands

In the JUNG Visu Pro software visualisation interface, a configuration mode can be embedded for the user as well. This can very simply change the stored voice commands to the individual wishes – “Wall lamp living” can become, for example, “Spotlight living room”. All non-KNX devices can also be integrated into the voice control of the Alexa app by the user themself. These can also be linked with the KNX functions via the group formation.

The intelligent link of KNX building technology and Amazon Echo voice control, make the home even more convenient.

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