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BAB Technologie Offers HUE:CONTROL Pro App for Philips hue Integration with KNX and EnOcean

This App connects your Philips® hue Bridge with KNX® so that you have access to all connected Philips hue lights through the building automation. The simple authorisation process makes connection particularly easy. The 50 freely definable “Alerts” which the hue lights use to inform themselves about the desired conditions (e.g. light red if the doorbell rings) are a particular feature.The Pro Version enables you to control up to 100 Philips® hue devices.


Control up to 100 Philips® hue devices
Simple authorisation process (single touch on the Bridge)
Control lights or groups
Adjustable dimming duration (large or small steps)
Duration of status transitions (colour, brightness) dynamically adjustable via KNX®
Control brightness absolutely or relatively (dimming)
RGB colour control through 3 group addresses, or through a (DPT232.600)
Alternative colour temperature control for white tones
50 freely definable “Alerts” (e.g.: RGB colour x for y seconds when group address z = 1)

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