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HDL Showcases its Residential, Commercial and Hospitality Automation Range at ISE 2017

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Stand number 9-E178, ISE 2017

HDL, creators of world leading Buspro, Buspro wireless, and KNX automation solutions will be showcasing their residential, commercial, and hospitality automation range at the ISE expo in stand 9-E178.

HDL Showcases Automation Range at ISE 2017

Over the past year HDL has released a number of innovative automation solutions, placing particular emphasis on developing their already comprehensive KNX range. The result of this is the creation of a new HDL KNX current detecting switch actuator, and the revolutionary outdoor Doppler sensor.

“HDL recognizes the importance of KNX systems, that’s why we continually update our KNX range,” said James Zeng the CTO of HDL. “With a sensor that’s head and shoulders above anything the competition has, and a current detecting switch actuator designed to enable energy savings, our KNX customers are provided with truly unique products which utilize the very latest technology.”

The new HDL Doppler sensor is fully weather proofed, and can be used in even the harshest of outdoor environments. Providing a KNX system with unbeatable presence detection, the sensor is suitable for a wide variety of applications. Able to detect a person at up to 24 meters, the Doppler sensor is perfect for motion activated lighting, or simply improving a building’s security. In addition to the 24 meter detection range, the Doppler sensor is also able to ‘see through’ any non-metallic object while remaining unaffected by rain, snow, and extreme temperatures. When this is combined with the module’s adjustable multi-level sensitivity, automatic range adjustment, and high RFI and EMI immunity, the HDL KNX Doppler sensor is truly the pinnacle of presence detection technology.

For those more concerned with energy efficiency however, the HDL KNX current detecting switch actuator is an ideal drop in solution for any KNX automation solution. Capable of handling up to 4 channels and 16 amps, the HDL KNX current detecting switch actuator can precisely monitor the electrical energy which flows through it. This allows energy usage to be closely monitored, and systems which are operating inefficiently effortlessly identified. In the event that a system is recognized as being inefficient, or excess usage has been detected, responses can be triggered via the KNX system and the load in question can be switched off immediately.

Optimized for lighting and HVAC control in residential, commercial, and hospitality buildings the HDL KNX current detecting switch actuator is easily installed into a KNX system. This ease of use is further facilitated through the module’s manual onboard buttons, and led status indicator which brings installers the ability to trouble shoot problems and make modifications on the fly.

The HDL KNX range is not limited to two modules though. During the 2017 ISE expo the multinational HDL team will be displaying a range of KNX:

• Power supplies
• Relays
• Dimmers
• User interfaces
• FCU modules
• Shading solutions
• DALI & DMX gateways

Of the KNX user interfaces on show in the HDL booth, the one which is bound to attract the most attention is the KNX DLP. Featuring a timeless combination of stainless steel push buttons, and an ultra-clear energy efficient LCD, the HDL KNX DLP enables the effortless control of every automated element within a building. For low light identification the keypad also features customizable LED button indication and LCD illumination. Available in a variety of colors, and with a hard wearing glass finish, the DLP provides not only scratch resistance, but wipe clean convenience. With an understated discreetness, and an impeccable balance between form and function, the HDL KNX DLP panel is one of the most stylish, reliable, and powerful KNX control solutions available.

For your chance to learn more about the HDL automation solutions available, and how HDL’s systems can integrate with Casatunes, SONOS, Apple Home Kit, and other 3rd party equipment please visit the HDL team in stand 9-E178.

HDL brings you a one stop shop for all your automation needs. Empowered by the wired HDL Buspro & KNX systems, and the zigbee based Buspro wireless system, HDL enables the effortless management of lighting, HVAC, audio, irrigation, security, and household appliances.

To find out more, please visit:

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