Show Report: KNX at ISE – Visualisation and Voice Control Make Waves

By Simon Buddle, Future Ready Homes. Another ISE and another bumper year. The RAI Conference Centre is now officially full, with a large marquee erected in the central square to accommodate the overspill. Next year, they say, they’ll be filling the front car park space with marquees. The event is now, effectively, a week-long event. […]

Overview: Voice Control is Making Consumers Think

By Mark Warburton, Ivory Egg. Once again ISE has exceeded expectations with a huge jump in visitor numbers and exhibitors. One of the big themes across the show and also at the Smart Building Conference on the Monday, was voice control. Whilst the rapid roll-out and marketing hype around voice control does lead one to […]

ISE 2017 Attracts 73,413 Registered Attendees

A Catalyst for Growth and Innovation Over four days the largest Integrated Systems Europe exhibition so far drew the world’s pro AV community to Amsterdam By the time the show closed its doors last Friday, Integrated Systems Europe had proven unequivocally why it is the international destination of choice for AV and systems integration professionals. […]

Basalte Presents New Deseo HVAC Control Panel with KNX Integration at ISE 2017

Deseo combines elegant design with intuitive functions At ISE 2017, Basalte announces a new version of its Deseo controller for easy HVAC controls. Deseo integrates with KNX, the international standard for home automation. Since 2008, Basalte designs and develops products for high-end residential projects worldwide, including its popular Deseo line of touch-sensitive switches. Handmade in […]

ise Presents New Version of its smart connect KNX Secure System at ISE 2017

KNX Association Stand 9-F170, ISE 2017 The new “Remote Access” is the revised version of the “ise smart connect KNX Secure”. The easy-to-install secure remote access is not only a significant assistance for the electrical installer and a cost reduction for parameterisation and maintenance. Customers also benefit from the significant advantages of remote access. In […]

GVS Shows Version 2.0 of its K-BUS Room Controller at ISE 2017

KNX Association Stand 9-F170, ISE 2017 The GVS (Guangzhou Video-Star Electronics Co., Ltd) Intelligent Room Controller is designed to be small in size with a high level of integration to keep the high stability and reliability of KNX systems. It is integrated with switch, dimming, shutter, fan coil control and dry contact function. Replacing the […]

DIVUS Presents its HEARBEAT Solution for Secure KNX Building Automation at ISE 2017

KNX Association Stand 9-F170, ISE 2017 The solution for your stable, secure, and controlled network. DIVUS HEARTBEAT is a hardware software solution, composed of a PoE+ enabled managed switch and an innovative manager for KNX CONTROL. Integrated into the network, it creates a secure area for building automation, the “DIVUS SECURE NET”… A protected intranet, […]

CONTROLtronic Shows its Living Emotions KNX Glass Touch Sensor at ISE 2017

KNX Association Stand 9-F170, ISE 2017 Innovative technology and superior design. The unique flat touch sensor made of real glass with precisely ground edges provides innovative character in every room. A sensor detects proximity and activates the user interface. Depending on configuration, up to seven touch icons light up (dimmable and coloured according to choice). […]