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Theben Presents New ThebenHTS theRonda Presence Detector

ThebenHTS complements the Premium presence detector thePrema launched in 2013 with the new theRonda presence detector range for presence-dependent, energy-efficient indoor lighting and climate control.

theRonda is an alternative to thePrema Premium presence detector for when you need to cover as much area as possible with just one presence detector. With its 360º circular detection area with a diameter of up to 24 m, theRonda is particularly suitable for lighting and climate control in larger, higher rooms such as offices or entrance halls, warehouses and sports halls. By concentrating on the most important comfort and energy-saving functions, the price of theRonda can be reduced in comparison with thePrema, whilst maintaining the top detection quality. Thanks to the standard design with its unmistakable teardrop shape, ThebenTHS presence and motion detectors blend in harmoniously indoors.

theRonda presence detector is also available in the Performance range (theRonda P) for surface mounting. With a ceiling flush-mounted box or surface-mounted frame, they can be quickly and easily mounted in or on the ceiling. The product range includes one and two-channel presence detectors for lighting and presence switching (theRonda P360-100, theRonda P360-101), as well as for integration into KNX building automation (theRonda P360 KNX).

A multitude of high-performance functions ensure high sensitivity and simple operation: Thanks to the constant measurement of current daylight strength in the room, the presence detector is able to switch the lighting on and off according to requirements. With the teach-in function, users can also quickly and easily establish when the detector is to switch on. The presence detector automatically detects whether a push button or switch is connected. This simplifies installation and avoids setting errors. Sensor sensitivity, among others, can be conveniently set from floor level using the theSenda remote control. With the test function, the correct setting of the detection area can even be tested in daylight. Thanks to the pulse function, the motion detectors can be easily integrated into existing electrical installations with stair light time switches without having to make expensive changes. Easy to use snap-on clips allow the detection area to be adjusted to different spatial conditions and partially limited in the twinkling of an eye.

Thanks to the new switch-mode power supply, the internal consumption value of theRonda presence detectors is well under 0.2 W. This means that theRonda presence detectors pay a considerable contribution towards saving energy. Through the use of a high-performance relay with tungsten pre-contact, theLuxa Performance detectors can switch high-capacity loads of up to 10 A and several lamps can be connected to one detector.

theRonda contributes towards increasing energy efficiency with its short stay function, among others. This recognises when somebody is in the room for just a short time and does not wait to switch off the light after the set 25 minute time delay is up, but after just 2 minutes.

The new ThebenHTS theRonda presence detectors will be available as of summer 2014.

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