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B.E.G. Offers its KNX-RSB Room Sensor Box with Connections for KNX, DALI and 230V

Error-free, fast and economical installation

Previously, retrofitting of KNX systems for lighting control has always been a major task, as each element‘s KNX bus had to be connected to the junction box. With the B.E.G. KNX-RSB room sensor box, cabling now only has to be laid as far as the room ceiling.

This is not the only area to offer the installer advantages over normal KNX installations: measuring just 180x162x45mm (LxWxH), the box has GST-18 connections for KNX, DALI and 230V, and connections for two switches and an occupancy detector.

Using the KNX connection, the KNX-RSB can be connected to a wider KNX system, or else a KNX occupancy detector can be plugged in. Integrated into the box is a KNX/DALI Gateway – no additional unit for KNX control of DALI electronic ballasts is therefore required. Up to 50 DALI electronic ballasts can be linked to the DALI connection. Lighting can also be set up directly, without separate ETS programming, using installation mode.

The 230V connection makes it possible for the room sensor box to operate an independent lighting system for the room. A cost-effective pre-wired B.E.G. occupancy detector can be connected to the occupancy detector interface, providing data for control of the room. Each of the two switch interfaces can have two switches directly connected (e.g. blinds and light), and so a separate switch interface is not required with the KNX-RSB.

KNX-RSB means that installers can save up to 30% of total costs through quicker installation and ready-integrated units.

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