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B.E.G. Brück Electronic Offers KNX WTS GPS Weather Station

For building automation systems based on the KNX bus standards B.E.G. Brück Electronic from Lindlar, Germany, is offering the WTS KNX-GPS all-round weather station. Designed for automatic regulation of systems depending on the presence or absence of the occupants or environment values, the KNX WTS GPS comes in a compact unit housing a sensor, evaluation electronics and bus connection.

The KNX WTS GPS allows various environmental values to be used to control different elements of a KNX system. It measures wind speed, temperature, brightness, and registered rainfall, and uses a GPS signal for the determination of time and location. The wind speed is measured electronically, which makes the usual wear-prone wind turbine unnecessary.

To control a sunscreen around a building for example, an idea of the location of the sun is required. The WTS KNX-GPS achieves optimal alignment by combining different values, and can calculate the exact position of the sun. The GPS signal can also provide a clock for the rest of the KNX system.

The KNX WTS GPS provides a complete weather analysis using brightness, temperature and precipitation data, and can control heating, blinds, lighting and many other components optimally and automatically depending switching output thresholds. It can be used, for example, to retract an awning when it starts raining.

Users can also link multiple values with each other. In cold weather and rain for example, the system could retract the awning and activate the heating. Or in warm weather and sunshine, full sun protection could be automatically extended and the lights dimmed. In combination with a blind actuator, not only could the blinds be raised or lowered but the inclination of the slats could be adjusted to suit the natural lighting conditions.

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