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Thermokon Sensortechnik Offers Bidirectional Gateway Between EnOcean and KNX Bus

The Thermokon Sensortechnik STC-KNX EIB-Gateway is a bidirectional 32-channel receiver for connection of Thermokon EasySens sensors and wireless switches such as EnOcean radio devices, to the EIB/KNX bus.

With this device, commands and measured values of EnOcean wireless sensors can be transferred to the KNX bus, for example, to control KNX actuators, while EnOcean wireless actuators can be controlled via KNX.

Technical Data

Electrical safety
• Protection class (EN 60529): IP 20
• Safety extra low voltage SELV 24 VDC
• Compliant with EN 50090-2-2

EMC requirements
• Compliant with EN 55022, EN 50090-2-2, EN 61000-4-(2-6)

RF standards
• ETSI EN 300 220-1, ETSI EN 300 220-2

Ambient conditions
Climatic resistance: EN 50090-2-2
• Ambient operating temp.: -5 to +45C
• Storage temp.: -25 to +70C
• Rel. humidity (not condens.): 5% – 93%

• CE compliant with EMC requirements
(residential and functional buildings)

Mechanical data
• Housing: plastic, white
• On-wall mounting, matches on 55mm wholes
• Dimensions: 81 x 81 x 25mm
• Weight: approx. 90g

Power supply
• Powered via bus
• Current consumption: approx. 12mA

• KNX connection via terminal block

RF Interface
• EnOcean, ISM Band 868,3 MHz, ASK
• Distance: see

Supported EnOcean Devices

In addition, the gateway supports logical and control functions and has a radio repeater included. The STC-KNX supports 32 channels, and each channel can be assigned to one of the following functions:

Link to sensors
• Pushbuttons(switching, dimming, shutter, scene)
• Window contacts and handles
• Access card and other switches
• Temperature,humidity and light sensors
• Presence sensors
• Gas and environmental sensors (weather station)
• Room control devices
• Automated counter devices
• Digital inputs

Link to actuators
• Switch
• Dimmer
• Shutter
• HVAC actuators (valves) Time control/logic:
• Switch-on delay
• Switch-off delay
• Gates(e.g. AND, OR, XOR)
• Flip-flop(Toggle)

Regulation/room control
• Two-point controller
• Continuous regulator
• Heat requisition
• Lighting control
• Special (Trigger, Valuator, Watchdog).

The product conforms to EnOcean Profiles EEP Version 2.1.

Configuration of the device and channels is done using ETS software via the KNX bus. The wireless learning components use the keys and the display in the device.

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