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KNX Presents ETS eCampus and New Applications Based on the KNX Standard

KNX is indisputably the world leader for home and building automation, thanks to its exceptional versatility and openness. In the context of integrated room automation incorporating audio & video control, lighting, shading, heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, KNX ensures a high level of comfort and low energy costs (savings of up to 50%). At the same time, the use of KNX in residential construction – which represents a quantum leap in comfort and security compared to conventional electrical installations – has increased dramatically (+55%).

At the fair “Integrated Systems Europe 2012 (ISE 2012)”, KNX members are showing solutions for so-called multi-room systems at the KNX joint-both which are becoming increasingly simple and convenient for a green home and building automation. Visit us at the booth 7V197.


Building automation with KNX has a great future – it is a business opportunity not only for professionals such as system integrators but also for newcomers. The newly developed eLearning tool “ETS eCampus” from KNX can help set you on the path to success. The tool is available free of charge via the KNX Online Shop. During the development of the new Engineering Tool Software ETS4, emphasis was placed on simplifying access to bus technology in addition to making other improvements. ETS4 was therefore given an appealing design and a clearer menu structure. New functions ensure that KNX systems can be configured even quicker and easier. KNX has now made it simpler to get started in the emerging market of building automation: with a new, web-based training tool, the KNX ETS eCampus, KNX newcomers can quickly gain an initial overview of the basic principles, functions and control concepts of the system and learn the most important steps with ETS4. Those with little experience can thus further their knowledge about KNX. All you need to do is download the software from the KNX Online Shop (


KNXSUPERIO is the fusion of technology and design; a touch panel, which realizes your KNX visualization in a comfortable and easy way. As a central control station, it offers a quick overview of the whole control system of your home. With great flexibility, high operating convenience and easy handling of the bus system, the comfort that you expect at home will be increased.

In addition to safety and comfort, efficiency, future security and flexibility in building automation is becoming more important. With KNXSUPERIO the „intelligent home” controls your heating / cooling, shading, lighting and ventilation while optimizing energy consumption.

Residents can program many functions according to their individual needs. The smart touch panel KNXSUPERIO makes this easy and many handles will be unnecessary. Heaters will be set to antifreeze protection, when windows are open, electrical devices will be switch automatically to stand-by mode and rooms will be cool or heat only during selected time periods, so that residents feel comfortable when they come home after work. This pays off: Up to 30 percent of energy consumption can be saved with KNXSUPERIO. This saving can be detected by measuring with energy consumption sensors.

KNXSUPERIO is touchpanel with new dimensions of security, efficiency and design.


Empure is pleased to bring you the latest iKNiX App for iPhone and iPad as well as the new RTI KNX driver for all RTI remote controls. Use the free App (no license model involved) and driver to bi-directionally control any KNX components such as lights, HVAC, blinds, alarm, auxiliary and audio functions. This inexpensive KNiX Port (which can also be used as a programming gateway for the ETS) can control up to 1.000 data points (group addresses) and can be controlled locally or via dydns from anywhere in the world. 10 users can access one gateway simultaneously.

The RTI driver lets you use the same gateway to seamlessly control the KNX components using any of the RTI controllers (XP-series: XP-8, XP-6 and XP-3) with any of their great remote controls. Even the free iPhone/iPad App as well as the virtual panel for any PC is supported by our free driver. The user can also trigger events – so the push of any KNX button can turn on the favorite internet radio station from any Sonos System in the preferred rooms, as well as turn all of A/V off when leaving the house. Full integration at no cost!!


Contatto of tci is a flexible software for the integration of comfortable IP based video intercom stations directly into the touch panels of the building control. Therefore contatto provides audio and video communication via VoIP / SIP and video streaming. The software can be executed parallel with the building control. The operation is effected by finger-tap on the corresponding symbols like “call accepted”, “camera on” or “open door“. In addition to door communication contatto covers with room-to-room communication, supervision with alerting and Internet telephony supplemental application fields. Besides standard webcams there can be used also IP based door intercoms of leading manufacturers. At present, systems of Mobotix, Siedle, TCS and Baudisch are supported. contatto is shown as a control bar on the touch panels. With the power-saving touch panel PCs 10Wmura and 16Wmura tci provides a perfect basis for contatto. The systems are convincing with true HD resolution and various designs. A special comfort ensures the operation by Multitouch as well as the integrated microphone and a speaker with echo cancellation for hands free intercom. Various front frames in glass, genuine wood or acrylic glass permit an individual customization on the existing interior. A stylish aesthetic is provided by the completely flat surface in conjunction with the new in-wall mounting option for a plane installation.

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