ABB’s Smart KNX Building Solutions Bring Energy Efficiencies to Hospitals

Well-run hospitals are essential for all cities. Increasingly, they must be more cost-efficient in energy and resource use processes while delivering more effective and ever-improving patient experiences. ABB has partnered with Australian intelligent building control integrator, mySmart , to deliver world-class building automation solutions for the largest KNX Health Care project in the Southern Hemisphere. The […]

DINUY Launches New KNX Multifunction Actuators

DINUY launches its new KNX Multifunction Actuators with 8 or 16 switching or blind/shutter control output channels and 12 or 23 binary/analog Inputs. 16 Channel Multifunction KNX Switching Actuator – IT KNT 016 KNX Multifunction Actuators that can work as: 16-channel Switching Actuator or 8-channel Blinds/Shutters Actuators. High load capacity, with 16A built-in relays, as […]

Theben Announces Modular Weather Sensors for LUXORliving Smart Home Systems

Perfect for apartment blocks The modular weather sensors from Theben allow several independent LUXORliving smart home systems to be connected to one shared weather sensor. This allows blinds, awnings and roller blinds in various LUXORliving systems to be controlled by a single weather station sensor, depending on the weather. The LUXORliving M100 weather sensor can […]

View from America: exploiting the sun to save energy with KNX

By Philip R. Juneau, ATC. I’d like to start off with a definition of the term ‘daylighting’ within the context of building design and construction. Daylighting is the use of building infrastructure (e.g., windows, skylights etc) to capture direct sunlight whilst gaining the indirect sunlight from well-designed reflective materials. In building design, the challenge is […]

ZF Offers Revolutionary Batteryfree and Wireless Switch Modules Incorporating Energy Harvesting Technology

Discover new energy harvesting solutions from ZF that were to be shown at the now-postponed Light + Building 2020 show in Frankfurt. New developments include the following batteryfree and wireless product innovations incorporating energy harvesting technology from ZF: ZF Bluetooth Switch Module with Paulmann luminaire lighting controls ZigBee light switch modules in combination with IKEA Tradfri lamp […]

Elsner Elektronik offers Suntracer KNX pro – the Weather Station for KNX professionals

Wind direction detection for optimum protection of buildings and technology The weather station for the KNX building bus system records all relevant weather data for building control, including temperature, brightness, precipitation, wind speed, wind direction, humidity and pressure. Temperature (risk of frost), precipitation (moisture) and wind in particular are elementary for the protection of shades […]

Sponsor’s Whitepaper: Energy Harvesting Switch radio protocols

By Simon Ziegler, ZF Friedrichshafen AG. Due to the rising connectivity of mobile devices, industrial applications, smart home applications and vehicles, the importance of wireless technology for data communication is increasing continuously. As a result, wireless technology grew by 32% in 2018 compared to the previous year, and now accounts for 6% of the total […]

Tutorial: controlling SMI and shading using KNX

By Mark Warburton, Ivory Egg. After a recent expansion at Ivory Egg headquarters, we have been making some improvements to the control system to make sure we are showing the full potential of KNX. It’s always great fun to get back on the tools and be reminded of just how functional a KNX system can […]

Product Article: Upgrading Existing Buildings with Wired and Wireless KNX Devices

By Thomas Weinzierl, Weinzierl Engineering GmbH. Using KNX to upgrade existing buildings may seem like a contradiction to some installers because often, it is not an option to open walls to lay bus lines. However, a detailed analysis of the existing inventory and installation can provide interesting solutions. Important installation points can, in many cases, […]

Siemens Announces New Gamma Instabus KNX-based Actuators for Lighting and Sun Protection

– New rail-mounted devices added to Gamma instabus product line – New switch actuators with load current detection, new switching/dimming actuators and new sun protection actuators – Powerful and universal applications across all devices, short installation times, low maintenance costs Siemens Smart Infrastructure is expanding its Gamma instabus KNX-based product line with new switch actuators […]