Gira System 3000 Offers Lighting and Blind Control

Gira, one of the world’s leading full-range suppliers for intelligent building design and management elevate your comfort levels with a highly intuitive control system, which manages your interior lighting, heating and blinds in-one – Gira System 3000 Increasing comfort and efficiency is at the heart of any smart home, with multi-functional technology making life even […]

Elausys Offers Modular Universal KNX Actuator System

The Universal KNX Actuator System is a fully modular actuator system where extension modules can be plugged-in to extend the number of channels as needed. Up to 72 channels can be combined for switching, shutter or blind, heating, dimming, analog 0-10V or LED drivers with various size and power. Modular & Extensible The Universal KNX […]

Independent Living: KNX meets assistive technology

Andy Ellis looks at how standard KNX technology can be used to help elderly and disabled people have control over their environments, and gives some great practical examples of installations using assistive technology. Assistive technology can help people stay independent and perform tasks that they had previously found difficult or impossible for various reasons. These […]

Working from Home: bringing the home office up to standard using KNX

With so many more people working from home thanks to the pandemic, Simon Buddle discusses how KNX can be used to facilitate a safe and healthy environment. In spare bedrooms across the world, people have set up their temporary offices. The neighbour across the road has become the nearest thing I have to a work […]

Elsner Elektronik Announces KNX eTR Push-Button Series for Price-Conscious Building Projects

The design of the KNX eTR 101 forms the basis for the new KNX eTR series. This means a fresh design, intuitive and internationally usable and awarded the iF Design Award 2020 and the Red Dot Award: Best of the Best 2019.That makes the series not only suitable for private residential buildings, but also and in particular for offices, public buildings and hotels with a […]

ABB’s Smart KNX Building Solutions Bring Energy Efficiencies to Hospitals

Well-run hospitals are essential for all cities. Increasingly, they must be more cost-efficient in energy and resource use processes while delivering more effective and ever-improving patient experiences. ABB has partnered with Australian intelligent building control integrator, mySmart , to deliver world-class building automation solutions for the largest KNX Health Care project in the Southern Hemisphere. The […]

DINUY Launches New KNX Multifunction Actuators

DINUY launches its new KNX Multifunction Actuators with 8 or 16 switching or blind/shutter control output channels and 12 or 23 binary/analog Inputs. 16 Channel Multifunction KNX Switching Actuator – IT KNT 016 KNX Multifunction Actuators that can work as: 16-channel Switching Actuator or 8-channel Blinds/Shutters Actuators. High load capacity, with 16A built-in relays, as […]

Theben Announces Modular Weather Sensors for LUXORliving Smart Home Systems

Perfect for apartment blocks The modular weather sensors from Theben allow several independent LUXORliving smart home systems to be connected to one shared weather sensor. This allows blinds, awnings and roller blinds in various LUXORliving systems to be controlled by a single weather station sensor, depending on the weather. The LUXORliving M100 weather sensor can […]

View from America: exploiting the sun to save energy with KNX

By Philip R. Juneau, ATC. I’d like to start off with a definition of the term ‘daylighting’ within the context of building design and construction. Daylighting is the use of building infrastructure (e.g., windows, skylights etc) to capture direct sunlight whilst gaining the indirect sunlight from well-designed reflective materials. In building design, the challenge is […]