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Schüco’s Building Skin Control Integrates with KNX Building Automation Systems

Schüco is one of the leading suppliers of high-quality window, door and façade systems made from aluminium and steel. The Schüco Building Skin Control (BSC) system platform is the solution for integrating and controlling Schüco building envelope units. It has an open interface for maximum variety. This means that it can be connected to open building management systems such as KNX or BACnet as well as external smart home systems such as Amazon Alexa.

All mechatronic Schüco units and functions are generally commissioned and configured using the Automation Engineering Tool (AET) software.

The innovative technology opens up new levels of application freedom. With Schüco BSC, Schüco windows and sliding systems can be operated easily by means of voice command without having to use a smartphone or button. For example: “Alexa, ventilate the living room”.

Integrated sensor technology allows automated functions for maximum comfort, such as time-controlled window ventilation or energy-saving night-time cooling.

Up to 30 connected Schüco aluminum windows and sliding units equipped with Schüco TipTronic or Schüco DriveTec drive technology can be intelligently networked.

Schüco BSC can be connected to the building management system with a KNX gateway or integrated into a KNX-controlled smart home. User-defined specifications are configured individually for automatic window closing when it rains, time-controlled ventilation or convenient night-time cooling are easy to regulate via sensors.

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