Zykronix joins the KNX Association

Zykronix was founded in Denver, Colorado, the USA in 1990 as a world-class designer and manufacturer of technological solutions for challenges faced by the medical and industrial fields, and primarily in sensory and embedded IP custom solutions. In the past 15 years, Zykronix has emphasised developing technologies that have a similar impact on the home, […]

Visit KNX and KNX Member booths at the KNXperience 2023 exhibit hall

One of the central areas of KNXperience is the Exhibit Hall where KNX Association and KNX Members will have dedicated booths.  These booths will be open throughout KNXperience, showcasing the newest KNX development and KNX products and services. The exhibition will be open with representatives to provide you with personalised information on 26-27 September and 4 & 11 […]

KNX Association announces nominated finalists for KNX Hackathon

Earlier this year, the KNX Community had the chance to enter their projects for the KNX Hackathon. KNX Hackathon 2023 focuses on sustainability, with the aim of motivating people to create ideas to enable a more sustainable world. Entries had to show how KNX could be used to create solutions for smart homes that improve […]

Theben announces KNX DALI flush-mounted dimming actuators in TP and RF versions

Perfect for new buildings and retrofitting: Theben KNX DALI flush-mounted dimming actuators in TP and RF versions The demand for KNX systems in combination with DALI lighting control is constantly growing. The new KNX DALI flush-mounted dimming actuators from Theben offer a simple and cost-effective alternative to KNX/DALI gateways where these would be oversized due to a small number […]

Cost-savings using KNX: backing claims with facts

It’s easy to claim that KNX can help save on energy costs, but Simon Buddle argues that we must be able to back this up with hard data and show a good return on the investment. I was about to ask how you had enjoyed your summer. If it’s anything like the one that I’m […]

Energy Management: using KNX to manage battery electric vehicle charging

André Hänel discusses the challenges faced by larger electric vehicles when it comes to charging, and why it makes sense to integrate this facility in a wider KNX installation. The use of battery electric vehicles (BEVs) is steadily increasing. In Germany for example, newly-licensed BEVs for the first half of the year in 2023 exceeded […]

KNX IoT: Part 6 – Using Thread for KNX IoT

In the sixth of this series of articles on KNX IoT, Bruno Johnson and Wouter van der Beek explain the how to use Thread for KNX IoT. Digital transformation has been one of the main strategy topics on company board meeting agendas for the last few years. The opportunity to develop digital services from cloud-based […]

MDT goes black with new push-button 55 controllers: follow us to the dark side

The Galaxy is in a state of turmoil: MDT has turned to the dark side. The development, product management and production departments of a leading manufacturer of KNX products, have been conspiring for months at an undisclosed location in the Rhineland, Germany to dispatch a fleet of dark push-buttons to KNX fans this autumn. For […]

ETS for beginners – Episodes 1-6

Episode 1 – How to get access to ETS6?Welcome to our YouTube tutorial on ETS6. In this first episode, we will guide you through the process of acquiring and downloading ETS6 onto your computer. Episode 2 : Create your first project part 1Here we’ll guide you through the process of connecting yourself and creating your […]