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Visit KNX and KNX Member booths at the KNXperience 2023 exhibit hall

One of the central areas of KNXperience is the Exhibit Hall where KNX Association and KNX Members will have dedicated booths.  These booths will be open throughout KNXperience, showcasing the newest KNX development and KNX products and services. The exhibition will be open with representatives to provide you with personalised information on 26-27 September and 4 & 11 October.

KNX and KNX Member booths in the spotlight

KNX Association will have 7 booths to provide you with a customised experience, making it easy to find all the information you need. Our exhibition hall will also host 8 KNX Member booths with own representatives keen to show you their latest products and solutions.

Discover the newest KNX IoT products and find out the limitless possibilities of smart living thanks to KNX IoT.

Energy Management
Enter this digital booth to find out more on how KNX can not only save energy, but how you can manage it efficiently to contribute to a greener tomorrow.

KNX Secure
KNX installations are possible targets for cyber-attacks. With KNX Secure you have the tools and solutions for the best possible protection of your installations. Find out more at the KNX Secure booth.

Visit the ETS booth and find out what makes ETS6.1 a true game-changer. Our sales & support staff will happily help you with all your questions on our software packages.

KNX Partners
At this booth, KNX partners can learn how to stand out from the competition and increase their ranking. You can discover how to gain credits to get you on top of the list in the KNX Partner Ranking, making your company the obvious choice for potential customers.

KNX Members & Startups
Discover the future of KNX Membership and pioneering development at this booth! Dive into the world of innovation with valuable insights, resources, and even a chance for startups to join our KNX IoT Startup Incubator.

Want to get started with the KNX technology, but don’t know how? We’re here to help!  At this booth, we will inform you about the wide range of training possibilities to learn the ins and outs of our ETS software and KNX system.

KNX Members
These 8 KNX Members are joining KNXperience with their own booth: ABB, Aruba Instant On, GIRA, ise Individuelle Software und Elektronik, Siemens, Theben, HMS Networks and NETxAutomation.

A much bigger experience awaits you

The exhibition hall is just one part of KNXperience. With conference sessions, roundtable discussions, networking special discounts and prizes to win, KNXperience will be the interactive and unique experience on smart living fit for anyone.

KNXperience 2023 is open to everyone who is interested in smart home and building solutions. We are looking forward to meeting you there! For more information and registration, please visit

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