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Zykronix joins the KNX Association

Zykronix was founded in Denver, Colorado, the USA in 1990 as a world-class designer and manufacturer of technological solutions for challenges faced by the medical and industrial fields, and primarily in sensory and embedded IP custom solutions.

In the past 15 years, Zykronix has emphasised developing technologies that have a similar impact on the home, hospitality, and building management automation markets.

Zykronix brought years of experience designing and manufacturing devices that demand reliability and functionality coupled with a Taiwan-based manufacturing operation and a truly global support presence, and with a satellite support office in Germany.

This comprehensive portfolio of offerings and experience led Zykronix to early partnerships with world leaders in the booming home and building automation providers.

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LUXA 103 KNX presence detectors

LUXA 103 KNX presence detectors
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