Schneider Electric Introduces New KNX Push Button Pro T

It comes as no surprise that the KNX Push Button Pro, introduced in 2019, has become a favorite with contractors, building managers, and homeowners. Easy to select, install, and program, the KNX Push Button Pro has what it takes to keep projects moving fast. Once installed, its many practical features make it simple for occupants […]

Steinel Expands its Range of High-Frequency Presence Detectors and Adds Black Colour Option

KNX presence detectors from STEINEL impress with square detection and detect even the smallest movements. They are used in offices, classrooms and wherever people are predominantly seated. Their detection can be scaled mechanically without any loss of quality. As a revolutionary sensor the True Presence® even detects the presence of a person without any movement at all. […]

ABB iBus KNX Technology Achieves Quick Return on Sustainable Energy Investment in Upscale Self-Consumption Community

Until now quick return on investment from sustainable energy has been a challenge. However, project manager, EPZ Elektroplaner, turned to ABB to achieve just that. ABB’s simple to use, flexible, state-of-the-art technology has transformed the landscape by installing a complete energy management system for multiple homes – across all utilities – brought together through an […]