ISE Digital 2021: KNX Association Hub

ISE Digital was a 2-day festival of content intuitively designed to help you succeed in the pro-AV industry. With an inspiring programme which is available on demand until December 2021. The KNX Association Hub provides access to KNX presentations, as well as to other home and building control sessions.

KNX Secure Day

KNX Secure Day 29 June 2022 at 09:30 CEST The KNX Secure Day will feature discussions, speeches and device presentations about one of the most important topics in the world of smart homes and smart buildings! The KNX Secure Day though is not just organised by KNX Association, but foremost by the KNX National […]

KNX Association Welcomes ELEK-Egypt – its First Member from Africa

ELEK-Egypt is a leading company in the field of home and building automation powered by the cumulative experience of ALDAWLIA-IEC, specializing in KNX technology and offering certified training, consulting services, system integration, product manufacturing and distribution. ELEK-Egypt started as a home and building automation integrator in early 2003. Today it is considered as one of […]

Project Planning: avoiding design disconnects

Simon Buddle explains why it is important for the KNX systems integrator to be involved in a project at an early stage in order to avoid detrimental deviation from the original design, and ensure a happy customer. Our buying transactions are typically a one-to-one discussion and agreement. From clothes to cars, we research and create […]

Show Report: KNX takes centre stage at ISE 2021

Yasmin Hashmi reports on the recent ISE show, with summaries of KNX and other useful presentations, and links to the online videos. ISE is the largest professional AV show in the world, and this year moved to Barcelona, where an ambitious hybrid event took place comprising an in-person show in conjunction with the ISE Digital […]

KNX in Africa: pioneers make progress with first KNX Member

With KNX now present on all continents, the stage is set for a smarter world. Yasmin Hashmi gives a tase of how KNX is progressing in Africa, and how the market is developing quickly. Africa. What a continent. So diverse. So full of potential. So ready for KNX! According to the World Bank, with the […]

ProKNX Announces Offline Multilingual Voice-Controlled System for Smart Homes

ProKNX has launched a world-first offline multilingual voice-controlled system for smart homes. It performs all the actions of familiar home automation assistants without compromising the privacy of the user. The new table-top smart speaker, available in English, German, and French, is easily adapted for use in new or existing smart homes via either an affordable […]

Cascoda Joins the KNX Association

Cascoda is a communications company that designs and manufactures ultra low power semiconductor radios, modules and systems for Internet of Things (IoT) communications. Cascoda’s products are unique in that they provide highly secure, reliable and scalable technology, based on the universally supported internet protocol (IPv6). The company has achieved this by driving IoT standards.