NOKE EPS-Technologies Joins the KNX Association

Shanghai NOKE EPS-Technologies Co. Ltd, founded in 2010, is committed to the commercial value of leisure water system projects It is involved in the design and development of swimming-pool related devices, swimming-pool related project construction and decoration. NOKE EPS-Technologies is investing in the following fields of expertise: energy-saving product research and development and intelligent control […]

Abtec Building Technologies Introduces ARGOHub for Management of Emergency Lighting Systems

New SaaS technology delivers powerful control, management & fault reporting of emergency lighting systems – plus secure data storage Our new technology, ARGOHub provides building managers with robust monitoring, management and fault reporting of emergency lighting systems across one or more sites. In response to an urgent market need for secure, robust emergency lighting reporting […]

OSRAM Advanced Lighting Invigorates the Beijing Daxing International Airport

OSRAM connected lighting solution gives the world’s soon-to-be largest aviation facility a human-centric atrium LED lights interconnect with the vast KNX control system for a greener infrastructure On September 30th, the long-awaited Beijing Daxing International Airport will make its debut and then becomes the largest of its sort on the planet. With total investment of […]

Ivory Egg Publishes Essential Guide to KNX Keypads and Control Panels

Designed to help integrators and interior designers navigate the best solutions for their projects. Aesthetics are important – the right keypads will enhance the design of the property – but so are usability and functionality and the chosen solution should be a joy for the client to use. So which KNX keypad range is right […]

Looking Ahead: does the wireless light controller spell the end for the dimmer rack?

By Simon Buddle, Future Ready Homes. We still rely heavily on copper in our industry. It forms the backbone of any system we install. Power and communications travel back and forth from switches to dimmer panels to lighting fixtures. It’s all very ordered, and everyone knows what to expect from the respective parts. The dimmer […]

Interview: Siemens CEO of Smart Infrastructure, Cedrik Neike, on smart buildings

Cedrik Neike holds an MBA at the INSEAD Business School as well as a Bachelor (Honours) in Engineering and Business Finance. He started his career at Siemens as a Product Line Manager for Wireless Internet. In 2001 he joined Cisco Systems for several management positions in the US and Germany, returning to Siemens in 2017. […]

Sponsor’s Whitepaper: Energy Harvesting Switch radio protocols

By Simon Ziegler, ZF Friedrichshafen AG. Due to the rising connectivity of mobile devices, industrial applications, smart home applications and vehicles, the importance of wireless technology for data communication is increasing continuously. As a result, wireless technology grew by 32% in 2018 compared to the previous year, and now accounts for 6% of the total […]

Tutorial: controlling SMI and shading using KNX

By Mark Warburton, Ivory Egg. After a recent expansion at Ivory Egg headquarters, we have been making some improvements to the control system to make sure we are showing the full potential of KNX. It’s always great fun to get back on the tools and be reminded of just how functional a KNX system can […]

Overview: predictive building management relies on intelligence and standards

By Philip R. Juneau, ATC. The international community is truly in an interesting mindset these days; with the nearly endless streams of information flooding through our conscious state, we rarely have time to quiet our minds in order to think creatively, innovatively, or even rationally. I’m a member of Generation X, which means that as […]