Fairhair Specification Addresses IoT Security

A common IP-based infrastructure brings the Internet of Things to commercial buildings, but the considerable security risks must be comprehensively dealt with, as Fairhair’s Security White Paper explains. Sharing a common, IP-based infrastructure can bring a host of benefits for building automation and control systems in commercial buildings. These include centralized monitoring and control, real-time […]

Hugo Müller Offers EA 36.32 KNX Universal Interface

Hugo Müller offers a new binary interface EA 36.32 KNX, which can be used as a universal interface, e.g. for conventional push buttons. Three independent, integrated binary inputs allow the realisation of multiple applications such as blind control or light control (dimming). One of the inputs can be configured as an input for an external […]

The Ultimate Guide to KNX Programming eBook

The Ultimate Guide to KNX Programming is a simple and easy to understand introduction to the world of KNX technology. From setting up a miniature system to systems with several areas, you will learn the correct cabling and procedures. You will receive a detailed introduction to the ETS Tool Software version 5 – from licensing […]

Interview: Joost Demarest on KNX Secure

With the threat of hacking ever-present, KNX Association has developed KNX Secure – a robust security solution for wired-, wireless- and IP-based installations. In this exclusive interview with KNXtoday, KNX Association CFO & CTO, Joost Demarest, talks strategy and implementation. KNXtoday: Why is security a priority for KNX Association? JD: In the past, there was […]

Valves: the Devil is in the Detail

By Simon Buddle, Future Ready Homes. It is a rare project that runs smoothly. A project manager will likely tell you it doesn’t matter how much forward planning, forward procurement, system design or testing you do, somewhere down the line you’ll hit a problem or two. Part of project management is trying to analyse risk […]

Bigger Picture: Let’s All Stop Talking about KNX – No really, I mean it!

By Mark Warburton, Ivory Egg. KNX stands alone in building control. No other system has the history, technical stability, interoperability and standardised platform for configuring products from multiple manufacturers. We all know this, and it’s one of the main reasons why KNX has so much success worldwide. But sometimes the benefits of KNX are turned […]

Case Study: KNX the Natural Choice for a Building Dedicated to Sustainability

By Robin Baddley, IBT Controls. The Urban Sciences Building at the University of Newcastle is an exciting KNX project installation that won systems designer and integrator, IBT Controls, the KNX UK 2018 ‘Commercial Installation of the Year’ award for demonstrating the power and flexibility of KNX. Located in the north-east of England, Newcastle University plays […]

Athom Introduces KNX for Homey, the Smart Home Platform

We want everyone to be able to enjoy the fun, power and versatility of Homey. That’s why Homey is equipped with 8 different wireless technologies and has over 400 Homey Apps in its App Store – with device support ranging from cheap socket switches to advanced smart thermostats and Spotify Connect speakers. KNX and Homey […]

Actimage Announces Christian Gossé, KNX-RF & EASY KNX Expert, as Business Manager

Christian Gossé, the KNX-RF & EASY KNX expert Joins Actimage GmbH, a German company specialized in Software Data Intelligence. Combining mobile and cloud with embedded and IoT areas, Actimage GmbH is extending its expertise further by including the KNX technology into its core business. This is a new challenge for the company specializing in digital […]