Ingenium Presents its New ‘Smart Touch’ Vertical Touch Panel

Ingenium adds a new vertical panel to complete its offering in the range of touch screens. This new interface, available in capacitive 4.3” version, allows intuitive control of all room parameters. Ingenium introduces a new concept in which both design and functionality play a very important role. The background design, the controls, the icons and […]

First KNX Forum in the Czech Republic Completely Sells Out

Growing economy, rising demand for KNX and great enthusiasm is how to best describe the market for KNX in the Czech Republic. Around 100 participants attended the first Czech Forum on KNX Technology and Application, leaving no free seats available! Presentations were given by major KNX manufacturers, as well as KNX Partners, KNX Training Centres […]

Wago Ships its 750-889 KNX IP Controller for Building Automation

Proven concept taken to a whole new level: The KNX IP Controller for building automation is in stock and ready to ship. WAGO’s new 750-889 KNX IP Controller is the smart solution for state-of-the-art building and system automation. The WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM 750 Series Controller has been upgraded with a more powerful processor than its predecessor. This, […]

Smart Home Summit

Smart Home Summit 29-30 September 2015 London, UK The Smart Home Summit will bring together senior decision makers, colleagues and peers to meet, learn and do business. Boasting an interactive, cutting edge agenda with visionary speaker line-up, The Smart Home Summit is the platform for global authorities to present their “how-to” strategy and vision […]

Case Study: Providing a KNX Infrastructure within a Listed Building – Part 1

By Ben Lewis, KNX Consultants. As a specialist in control and automation, and member of KNX UK Association, KNX is what we do, so visitors would expect to see it in our ‘home’. We recently moved our headquarters to Staunton near Gloucester, UK, and decided to take the opportunity to install KNX in the building. […]

How to Solve it: Proper Local Settings of a USB Interface for Programming Devices

By Julio Díaz, Sapienx Automation. The Problem A common task for many integrators is programming the KNX devices in a project with multiple lines connected via KNX TP couplers. Sometimes we do not adequately understand the importance of a correct configuration of the KNX USB interface (local) address. When this happens, the integrator will be […]

Business: Electric Vehicles and Buildings

By Jesús Arias García, KNXin. It is amazing how the electric vehicle has gone from being a utopian dream to a reality. Electric cars are on the road now, and established car manufacturers such as BMW and Renault, as well as newcomers such as the successful and market-leading Tesla, are putting lot of effort in […]

Product Article: The Eelecta KNX Pads and Touch Panel from Eelectron

By Giangiacomo Pastore, Eelectron. Established in 1994, Eelectron is an Italian company that manufactures cutting-edge KNX solutions for home and building automation, with references and installations in more then 72 countries. In addition, 23,000 hotel rooms are equipped with the Eelectron hotel guest room management system and lighting controls. Our products are made in Italy, […]

Trade Talk: Changing Contractual Relationships for Better Control in KNX Projects

By Sophie Thomas, Ivory Egg. One of the strengths of KNX is that more aspects of the building can be controlled more easily, which has massive cost, comfort and energy-saving benefits. The breadth of this control means that tradespeople with many different specialisms are required to work together. But how can the KNX integrator ever […]

Best Practice: Responsibility for an Installation – where to draw the line

By Simon Buddle, KNXtoday. One of the truisms of life in the low-voltage services world is, that as far as the end user is concerned, everything is our fault. If the lights don’t work, the radiators are too cold, the fans are too noisy, the client’s energy bills are too high, the iPad isn’t controlling […]