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Ingenium Presents its New ‘Smart Touch’ Vertical Touch Panel

Ingenium adds a new vertical panel to complete its offering in the range of touch screens. This new interface, available in capacitive 4.3” version, allows intuitive control of all room parameters.

HOT KNXshoponline Ingenium Smart Touch Panel

Ingenium introduces a new concept in which both design and functionality play a very important role. The background design, the controls, the icons and the text will be completely editable, and can create up to 6 different themes which can be programmed to change automatically when you want. In this way the panel can be fully customized according to where it will be installed.

The panel has been designed to show all controls on a single page. As a complement, a lower flange allows you to manage every need related to climate control linked to the included temperature probe. However, if necessary it may include up to 32 controls, divided into 4 pages (8 controls per page) where navigation is by a simple lateral displacement.

This innovative product has been designed to support different user profiles, with the ability to restrict access to the settings menu according to the needs of each project. This is ideal for public projects or hotels, limiting the ability of configuration and leaving only available control and visualization.

The panel can generate a Wi-Fi network to allow it to be controlled locally from any iOS or Android device, simply by downloading the official Ingenium applications. This will also facilitate the task of programming, which can also be done via the local wireless network.

Other interesting features of the new vertical panel is gestural “shortcuts” that allow you to perform default actions with a simple movement while the screen remains in stand-by mode, multi-language support, and security issues such as blocking by numerical code.

A great option to meet all the needs of the most demanding customers, it will be available from October 2014 in both KNX and BUSing versions.

Ingenium products are available from – a brand of Home of Technologies Ltd.

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