Juniper Research – Top Ten Tech Trends 2023 whitepaper

Our annual Top Ten Tech Trends whitepaper is back to deliver an insightful commentary on the ten trends that will define technology and telco in 2023, complete with detailed analysis of the data supporting these predictions and how vendors can best utilise them during the oncoming economic downturn. CBRS to Provide Competition for 5G-based Private […]

Juniper Research: Smart Buildings & the Battle for Sustainability

Juniper Research’s whitepaper, Smart Buildings & the Battle for Sustainability, examines key trends driving smart building growth and the impact on sustainability, combined with a forecast summary for the total number of buildings deploying smart features in 2026. Introduction The Smart Building Ecosystem Forecast Summary

KNX Secure & New KNX Products Flyer

Recently smart building installations are increasingly the subject of cyber-attacks. These cyber-attacks can be easily avoided in case of KNX by ensuring that installations are never directly (without vpn) accessible via the internet. Home and building automation with KNX is secure. Our technology follows all necessary security regulations. The KNX Secure technology is standardised according […]

KNX Journal 2022

The annual Smart Home and Building solutions magazine is now available to the KNX community worldwide: The KNX Journal 2022. Learn more about this year’s highlights, such as the new developments in KNX IoT, learn how to secure your KNX installations, a deeper dive into energy management, and last but definitely not least: a closer […]

KNX IoT case study: Digital Twin property

While KNX has been capable of using IP networks to communicate (between devices, or between servers and clients) thanks to the KNXnet/IP protocol, KNX IoT qualitatively increases the interoperability at IP level, becomes SW-development friendly and adds new physical layers demanded by the market (mesh networks). In this new scenario, the KNX IoT 3 Party […]

Rise Magazine for ISE 2022

ISE has just published an updated digital edition of RISE, the official magazine of ISE 2022. With our first full show in Barcelona just over six weeks away, RISE is the perfect tool to help you to make the most of your visit. It’s full of information about the show, from the busy show floor […]

W3C Group Note: Web of Things (WoT): Use Cases and Requirements

The Web of Things is applicable to multiple IoT domains, including Smart Home, Industrial, Smart City, Retail, and Health applications, where usage of the W3C WoT standards can simplify the development of IoT systems that combine devices from multiple vendors and ecosystems. During the last charter period of the WoT Working Group several specifications were developed to […]

Juniper Research: Smart Cities – Technologies Shaping the Urban Future

Juniper Research’s whitepaper, Smart Cities – Technologies Shaping the Urban Future, provides an overview of some of the best uses of smart cities technology currently being utilised, and provides a roadmap for the future development of several technologies. As well as this, it offers information on the winning city in the Juniper Research Smart City […]

Juniper Research Top Ten Tech Trends 2022

The Juniper Research analyst team reveal their top technology and telecommunications trends for 2022, with detailed analysis on why they believe these trends will become prevalent, and who will benefit from them most. 10. 5G Capabilities to Drive Adoption of Private Networks9. Video Games Subscriptionsto Consolidate to Focus on Content8. Streaming Platforms to Capitaliseon Rise […]

KNX Secure Checklist

Checklist for increased security and privacy in KNX installations.