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Juniper Research – Top Ten Tech Trends 2023 whitepaper

Our annual Top Ten Tech Trends whitepaper is back to deliver an insightful commentary on the ten trends that will define technology and telco in 2023, complete with detailed analysis of the data supporting these predictions and how vendors can best utilise them during the oncoming economic downturn.

  • CBRS to Provide Competition for 5G-based Private Networks in the US
  • Deployments of eSIM-only Android Smartphones to Proliferate, Following Apple’s Example
  • AI to Drive Adoption of Personalised Healthcare Treatments
  • Growth of OTT Business Messaging to Trigger Separation of A2P and P2P Channels
  • eMobility to Solve Last-mile Problem for MaaS Solutions
  • Telco Firewalls Will Evolve in Response to Increased Fraudulent Traffic
  • Greater Operator Focus on Edge Computing
  • Hydrogen Vehicle Development to Accelerate, as Electric Vehicles Hit Challenges
  • Satellite-based 5G Network Services to Launch in 2023
  • Increased Investment into Smart Grid Technologies, Driven by Energy Crisis

Download the whitepaper here:

You can also watch the presentation:

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