KNX Position Paper on Data Security and Privacy

This paper is intended as a guide for both installers as well as KNX manufacturers to learn about the current measures that can be undertaken to increase security of KNX installations. A proper security concept is based on ensuring proper prevention against unauthorised access. In case of a KNX installation this implies that only authorised […]

KNX UK – Free Specification Guide

KNX is futureproof – you can add and adapt your automated building system to suit the changing needs of the building occupants, to reach ever-evolving sustainability goals and technological advances without ever having to do a complete system re-install.  Power your projects with the only global open protocol, providing almost limitless possibilities from the simplest […]

KNX IoT Devices Overview & Innovations

KNX IoT Device by Siemens AGKNX IoT Device by Passiv Energie Austria GmbHKNX IoT System Component by Cascoda While KNX has been capable of using IP networks to communicate (between devices or between servers and clients) thanks to the KNXnet/IP protocol, KNX IoT qualitatively increases the interoperability at the IP level thanks to IPv6. It […]

KNX Secure Checklist

You can download the latest checklist for increased security and privacy in KNX installations here.

KNX IoTech Forum 2023

Playlist: KNX OVER IPImportance of IP technology and how KNX is leading the industry. Speaker: Heinz Lux CEO, KNX Association From device to service: holistic designHow KNX IoTech enables the largest IP development ecosystem of its kind. Speaker: Jesús Arias García, Membership & Business Development, KNX Association KNX IoT devices demoDemonstration of the KNX IoT […]

AI for Good – Smart Cities, Smart Mobility: Exploring AI for Future Communities

There have been significant advancements in AI due to the increased availability of data and computation capabilities. In this talk, we discuss AI for two real-world application domains: Smart cities and smart mobility. We explore how AI can shape the future communities through smart cities and mobility. In particular, AI enhancements for machine learning, internet […]

KNX Journal 2023

The latest edition of the yearly smart home and building solutions magazine is here. The KNX Journal 2023 gives you exciting insights into the world of KNX, the technology and our community. In this edition, we introduce you to the KNX Hackathon, the contest where you and your team can create smart home solutions that […]