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KNX Journal 2024

The latest edition of our annual smart home and building solutions magazine has arrived. The KNX Journal 2024 offers exciting insights into the world of KNX technology and our community.

In this edition, we focus on the KNX Hackathon winner and finalists, and highlight the recipient of the KNX Scientific Award for creating an AI-assisted smart energy manager.

Discover how the recent releases of ETS6.1.1 and ETS6.2, as well as the upcoming ETS6.3, will redefine KNX project management. We delve into some revolutionary new functions that elevate ETS to the next level.

Learn more about these topics, the first available KNX IoT products, the KNX Security Check Tool, the latest KNX products, and much more in the KNX Journal 2024.

Available in English and German.

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JUNG area / line coupler

JUNG area / line coupler
The JUNG area / line coupler connects two KNX lines while retaining electrical isolation. Across publicly accessible areas, such as corridors ...