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Theben RF push-button actuator modules support simple wireless retrofit of smart home functions

The new RF push-button actuator modules from Theben combine a KNX RF actuator (switching, dimming, blind control) with a push-button. The devices with an installation depth of just 25.6 mm are compatible with many 55 mm switch ranges and can be easily installed in conventional switch boxes.

Thanks to KNX Data Secure, they are optimally protected against data theft and manipulation. Wired KNX and LUXORliving smart home systems can be quickly and easily retrofitted with smart functions in this way.

Theben RF push-button actuator modules are available in variants for native KNX systems and for the KNX smart home system LUXORliving. They are also used in the LUXORliving SmartStart complete wireless system.

KNX and LUXORliving RF push-buttons with integrated temperature sensor are also available for retrofit projects.

The KNX products at a glance:

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