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MDT presents Glass Touch Smart / Plus multifunction push-button controller

Coming soon: Q2/24

“As individual as you are” is the motto of the new MDT multifunctional push-button, which impresses with its high-quality design. Horizontally and vertically mountable, the 6-inch display can be individually divided via the ETS and customised with colours, logo or background image. An all-round orientation light rounds off the modern design of the Glass Touch Smart. Equipped with up to 64 functions, up to 12 status displays can be visualised on individual levels. The push-button is equipped with a temperature sensor and a room temperature controller for heating and cooling mode.

Product features

  • Multifunctional capacitive, high-resolution 6-inch TFT-colour display (1440 x 720 Pixel)
  • Intuitive user interface for straightforward control of room functions
  • Elegant and detailed design, combining black glass and brushed aluminium
  • Individual customised design according to customer requirements (Logo, Background picture, design colour)
  • Circumferential orientation light (BE-GTS6W.01 and BE-GTS6S.01)
  • Circumferential RGBW-background illumination to signal individual operational status, alarms and orientation light (BE-GTSP6W.01 and BE-GTSP6S.01)
  • Up to 64 functions and 12 status displays on independent levels
  • Room functions switching, dimming, tunable white, HSV, RGB, RGBW, sun shading, HVAC
  • Equipped with temperature sensor
  • Integrated Room temperature controller for heat-/cool operation
  • Logic functions, scene control, innovative group control
  • With anti-theft/anti-dismantling protection
  • Installation in a standard installation box (EU, IT, UK, CH, CN)
  • Production in Germany, certified according to ISO 9001
  • 3 year warranty

Glass Touch Smart Plus – additional features:

(BE-GTSP6W.01 and BE-GTSP6S.01)

  • Integrated loudspeaker for acoustical feedback (button press, signalling of alerts)
  • Circumferential RGBW-background illumination
  • Code lock function on up to 2 levels
  • Binary inputs for connection of up to two contacts

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