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Interra announces global availability of iX4 4″ new generation KNX touch panel

iX4 – 4″ KNX Touch Panel has garnered significant attention both domestically and globally, with its sleek design and advanced features captivating audiences worldwide.

Innovative, versatile, and now available in an array of captivating colours  iX4 – 4″ KNX Touch Panel is now offered in a range of stunning hues, ensuring that it not only enhances your smart home, hotel, or office but also complements your aesthetic preferences. While the device itself comes in classic black or timeless white, its rear case offers a selection of six vibrant colour options, allowing you to personalise your device to match your unique style and preferences.

Beyond its striking design and user-friendly interface, the iX4 boasts a host of advanced features to elevate your space to new heights of sophistication. With built-in sensors for proximity, air quality, temperature, light intensity, and humidity, it offers real-time insights into your surroundings, ensuring optimal comfort and well-being.

From music control to lighting adjustments, thermostat regulation to energy monitoring, this versatile device caters to every aspect of building automation. Each function is seamlessly integrated into specialised pages, ensuring effortless navigation and comprehensive control. With features like a temporary screen lock for cleaning and password protection, security and peace of mind are paramount.

Choose your colour, elevate your space, and embrace the future of smart living today.

Main Functions: 

• ETS Configuration (No External Configurator Needed)

• Suitable for Standard EU Junction Box

• Software Update via USB

• Configurable Main Screen (1×2 1×4 2×4)

•  All KNX-Based Controls

•  Screen Saver as Analog or Digital Clock

•  Dry Contact Signal Output for DND Modules

•  Password Access & Temporary Screen Lock for Cleaning

•  16 Function Pages include 8 Different Functions for Each

•  4 Thermostat and 4 AC Control with 1 Device

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