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Schneider Electric introduces SpaceLogic KNX Hybrid module

With the new SpaceLogic KNX Hybrid module, Schneider Electric is revolutionising the integration of KNX with wireless Wiser products.

Upgrade KNX installations effortlessly, without the need to replace or lay new cables. Whether for renovation or new built, in homes or buildings, with the innovative KNX Hybrid solution futureproofing a building has never been easier. With the integration of ZigBee protocol, the KNX Hybrid module enables seamless communication with a range of Wiser products. Thus you can expand your KNX installation easily by integrating free located switches, sensors or connected sockets, that were previously hard to reach:

  • Free-located switches: Our stylish switches offer a seamless way to control your lights and blinds, available in a variety of design ranges to match your personal style and decor.
  • Smart Sockets: Monitor and manage your energy consumption with our intelligent sockets, giving you valuable insights and the ability to control your devices remotely.
  • Heating: Enjoy customized comfort on a room-by-room level with our needs-based heating system. It seamlessly adapts to your schedule and creates the perfect environment for any occasion.
  • Sensors: Enhance safety and convenience with our easy-to-install Wiser sensors. Experience increased security and automation in your home or building with effortless integration.

Easy installation and configuration

The KNX Hybrid module comes with a connection cable and an external antenna that is positioned outside the cabinet to ensure optimal signal strength. Configuration is performed through the controller, following an intuitive and structured process. With automatic detection and addition of Zigbee devices, you can test their functionality before configuring them. This allows you to verify their performance right from the start.

Meet the best of both worlds

Unlock a world of endless possibilities for your living or working space. With this innovative hybrid solution, you’ll enjoy unparalleled comfort, remarkable energy efficiency, and a truly intelligent environment. Whether you prefer the reliability and flexibility of KNX or the wireless convenience of Wiser, our hybrid solution offers the perfect synergy, bringing together the strengths of both technologies. Say goodbye to limitations and embrace a new era of smart buildings!

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