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JUNG takes KNX visualisation to a new level

The latest update for the Smart Visu Server in version 1.2.1800 brings improvements and additions that increase performance and user-friendliness. One of the most important innovations is the introduction of the completely revised commissioning interface SV-Control. The interface has been visually aligned with the SV-Home user interface to ensure a consistent and seamless user experience.

Faster commissioning

Numerous improvements have been implemented in SV-Control to make working with the JUNG Smart Visu Server more efficient. These include faster storage times, which increase both productivity and freedom from errors. The introduction of a search and filter function enables system integrators to find what they are looking for quickly and easily. In addition, the display has been optimised for mobile devices so that the content is easy to read even on small screens.

More comfort

In addition to the improvements, the update brings numerous new functions to SV-Control that simplify the commissioning of the KNX visualisation. Another addition is the quick assignment of functions. With the “Member Off” function, integrators can quickly see, for example, in which timer a function is integrated. This facilitates configuration and administration. Particularly interesting for end customers is the feature of also displaying texts from SONOS on the KNX room controller LS TOUCH. Users can now see song titles and artists on the control point and scroll through their playlist.

Another important feature of the update is the implementation of KNX Secure in the Smart Visu Server. This means that the system now communicates in encrypted form to ensure the security of the data and the integrity of the system.

Overall, the update to version 1.2.1800 of the Smart Visu Server offers a wide range of improvements and new functions that increase the user-friendliness and performance of the system. With the new SV Control user interface and the numerous optimisations, users can work faster and more efficiently, while the security features ensure that their data is protected. Following the technical redesign, the update now also takes the Smart Visu Server software to a new level and offers an even better smart home experience.

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