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Schneider Electric’s SpaceLogic KNX 4″ is a multi-purpose room controller designed for everyone

Schneider Electric’s SpaceLogic KNX 4″ Touch Unit is a room controller designed to be the centre of your smart home.

The innovative, frameless design of this SpaceLogic KNX 4″ Touch Unit will fit your interior and goes along with any kind of push-button designs. Its slim structure creates a modern and elegant appearance in your home, office, or hotel. Multiple functions and customised scenes can be easily and intuitively set up on the high-resolution display.

When design and artistry come together

SpaceLogic KNX 4″ Touch Unit has a modern, clear user interface that provides an immersive experience every time you use it. Thanks to the proximity sensor, all you need to do is move closer to the screen and it will light up and wake up with a wave of your hand.

It becomes the control center of your smart home: ideal for controlling all functions in one room, but also for controlling several rooms at the same time. You can lower all the blinds in your house, switch off all the lights, turn on the music and much more.

The display can show up to 9 screens that can show individual functions as widgets. This means you can combine up to 6 widgets on each screen and effectively control all connected systems.

You can move from one screen to another with a simple swipe, just like a smartphone.

A multi-purpose, sustainable and reliable product for all your needs

SpaceLogic KNX 4″ Touch Unit can be used in all aspects of your daily life, at home and at the office.

You can :

  • Control lights, blinds, scenes, ventilation, underfloor heating, air conditioning and more.
  • Use as a thermostat thanks to the built-in temperature sensor.
  • Monitor energy consumption
  • Customise backgrounds, icons and screensavers… and much more

Quick and easy installation for all your projects

The new Schneider Electric’s SpaceLogic KNX 4″ Touch Unit is designed for quick and easy configuration and installation. The product features express settings in ETS, allowing most functions to be configured quickly and effortlessly.

The SpaceLogic KNX 4″ Touch Unit is installed on a CEE60 flush-mounted box. KNX bus and auxiliary power can be supplied via a single cable. The device is compatible with your new-build or renovation projects. Your existing KNX installation can be quickly upgraded by adding the new SpaceLogic KNX 4″ Touch Unit: simply replace a KNX push-button with the SpaceLogic KNX 4″ Touch Unit to control more functions from a central location.

The product is Green Premium Label certified and comes in environmentally-friendly packaging that complies with all Schneider Electric’s sustainability requirements.

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