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Tyba offers KNX integration with Turn 2 room controller

Turn 2 provides convenient room control from a single beautifully designed interface. You can control lights, climate, shades and audio using the rotary ring and touch display.

Tyba has partnered with the best in the business to provide simple and reliable integration straight out of the box.

Bus Connectors make installation easy. Once installed, simply connect Turn 2 using the magnetic mount. No tools required. The KNX Bus Connector enables physical connection to the KNX control bus. The Ethernet PoE Bus Connector (coming soon) is the perfect choice when using IP and the DC Power Bus Connector is a good choice if you are only interested in integrating Turn 2 over WiFi and simply need power.

The Tyba app streamlines device setup, configuration and control, providing a powerful yet accessible interface to manage every Tyba product.

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