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JUNG offers F 40 push-button with KNX Secure allowing you to operate smart functions comfortably and safely

Light, shading, temperature: For these and other functions in the intelligent building, JUNG offers the KNX push-button F 40 with KNX Secure: The F 40 offers plenty of space for individual labelling and is easy to operate.

The new version of the JUNG KNX push-button F 40 has optimised hardware and is compatible with KNX Data Secure. It can be updated using the ETS Service App and is thus absolutely future-proof. In addition to a new firmware with function extensions, there is also a newly designed and easy to work with application for the devices. The new KNX push-button with secure encryption is now available.

Four functions in one device, instead of four individual switches on the wall

For easy handling, the KNX push-button F 40 relies on square control buttons. These large operating areas allow easy control of building functions and scenes in the KNX system. Each operating button can be can be configured with rocker or push-button function. The rocker function divides a control surface into two actuating pressure points with the same basic function, e.g. switching the light on and off. With the push-button function, it has two individually configurable functions, e.g. switching the light in the living room on and off at the top and switching the light in the hallway on and off at the bottom. Red LEDs indicate the respective switching status.

Individual labelling

For a clear assignment of functions, the large operating areas of the F 40 can be marked with the JUNG GRAPHIC TOOL using high-quality laser engraving or wear-resistant digital colour printing. This makes operation even easier.

Additional functions and components

The JUNG KNX push button F 40 is available in the versions Standard and Secure. The latter offers more functions as well as an integrated temperature sensor that contributes to efficient room temperature control. The wireless version, the KNX RF push button F 40, is the ideal solution wherever no twisted pair cable can or should be laid. The KNX RF push-button can be flexibly placed wherever it is needed – it is simply glued on.

Flexibility in planning

The right design for every project: Identical basic modules are available for all variants of the KNX push-button F 40. This means that the design can be selected even after installation. This gives planners and building owners the greatest possible flexibility. The F 40 is available in the JUNG switch series LS, A, AS and CD in a large selection of materials and colours. With plastic or glass frames or also in variants made of real metal such as aluminium, stainless steel, chrome or brass – the F 40 blends harmoniously into any interior design.

KNX Secure: Security in the Smart Building

No manipulation and no recording of data traffic: data protection is also a top priority in a smart building. For this reason, we use the world’s first manufacturer- and application-independent security standard for smart buildings. KNX Secure protects and secures all data with the AES128 algorithm.

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