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Theben presents electromotive actuator Cheops S KNX – perfectly shaped and versatile

Theben presents the new electromotive actuator Cheops S KNX for controlling heating and cooling systems in KNX building automation. Cheops S KNX combines a high maximum actuating force of 220 N with great flexibility thanks to two binary inputs and maximum security with KNX Data Secure.

Cheops S KNX is used in office, administration, industrial and residential buildings with KNX systems. For example, on conventional heaters, heaters with integrated valve sets, radiators, convectors, heating circuit distributors on underfloor heating and ceiling cooling systems.

The electromotive actuator delivers a high actuating force of up to 220 N with a maximum actuating range of 8 mm. The integrated controller permits efficient heating and cooling with one additional stage each. Even the use in heating circuit distributors is possible. Thanks to the integrated temperature sensor, no external sensor is required. Two binary inputs provide flexible connection options, e.g. for an external temperature sensor, a window contact, presence detector or push button. A wide range of valve adapters and automatic valve adaptation ensure universal usage on valves from all major manufacturers. With the automatic valve stroke detection and the integrated LED display, the current status of the valve can always be clearly seen. 

Cheops S KNX supports KNX Data Secure and so provides the highest level of security against data theft and manipulation. It can only be removed with tools. In this way, the devices are optimally protected against theft.

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