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MDT offers KNX Combi Sensor for room climate control 

No more bad air during long meetings in the conference room: the CO2/VOC Combi Sensor from MDT enables demand-oriented ventilation control for automatic improvement of the air quality via the KNX system. For this purpose, it measures the CO2 and the mixed gas concentration (VOC) in the room. With the MDT Combi Sensor, the CO2 content is determined via a real CO2 sensor and output as a measured value in ppm. The mixed gas concentration is measured via the second VOC sensor; here you can decide whether the measured value is output in ppm equivalents or in the IAQ index. A threshold value can be stored for both sensors so that the air conditioning can be activated if the threshold is exceeded. In this way, the room air always remains fresh, even during long meetings. In addition, the CO2/VOC Combi Sensor offers a ventilation control. Depending on the CO2 or VOC sensor in possible combination with the relative humidity, air quality control is possible as a step controller (bit-, binary-, byte-coded) or as PI control. 

A threshold value from the CO2 or VOC sensor can also be used for the air quality traffic light function. The value is translated into a colour display via three or four colour channels. The people in the room can then be shown the air quality in the room with the colours green – yellow – orange – red. In this way, people can react individually and ventilate themselves. 

In addition, the new MDT Combi Sensor has a temperature sensor and a humidity sensor; a threshold value can also be stored for each of these measured values. The integrated PI controller ensures that there is always a pleasant room temperature. If the humidity is too high, ventilation can be activated, for example. 

The CO2/VOC Combination Sensor is suitable for 55mm switch systems, it has an integrated bus coupler and is supplied via the KNX bus without auxiliary voltage.

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