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Theben Offers Flexible Colour Lighting Control with KNX and DALI-2

With the DALI-2 certified DM 4 DALI KNX actuator, up to 30 DALI operating devices per channel can be easily controlled via broadcast commands. Broadcast communication requires no DALI addressing or grouping and greatly simplifies start-up and maintenance.

The 4-channel actuator also supports the control of colour and colour temperature of devices according to DALI Device Type 8 (DT8) in a KNX building automation system. Of course, optimally protected by KNX Data Secure. For example, the working atmosphere in offices and conference rooms can be made more comfortable by using colder or warmer light. Also, creative accent lighting is possible, e.g. in hotels, lounges, exhibition rooms or outdoor areas. By using LED strips, you gain maximum flexibility in the colour and colour temperature design of individual lighting concepts.

Simply colourful: DALI broadcast actuator

The DM 4 DALI KNX actuator is for controlling electronic ballasts with DALI interface via the KNX installation bus.

• Broadcast-actuator
• 4 independent channels
• 30 DALI EBs per channel
• Simple start-up and maintenance thanks to broadcast communication
• Support for colour and colour temperature control (Device Type 8)
• Complies with DALI-2 standard and offers maximum operational safety and compatibility
• Simple start-up and programming in the ETS, without additional tools or ETS app
• Secure communication thanks to KNX Data Secure

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