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Intesis Improves LG VRF to KNX Interface

Intesis has improved the LG VRF to KNX Interface, which enables full control and monitoring of up to 16 or 64 indoor units from any KNX device or system.

The interface is compatible with all LG controllers and keeps the KNX system permanently updated with the latest parameters, not only from all the connected indoor units, but some outdoor units’ signals which are available for the integration as well.

With this interface you have direct access to an outdoor unit’s communication bus. It was developed in collaboration with the LG factory to be compatible with Air Conditioning, Ventilation and Air to Water systems, providing energy efficiency and effective preventive maintenance.

Fast and easy configuration

The interface is configured with MAPS, the powerful tool for easy commissioning with VRF Scan Function for automatic identification of the unit’s presence in the VRF system. Intesis MAPS makes it easy to identify any malfunction in the installations thanks to its robust diagnostic feature.

Reliable integration with Intesis, your one-stop shop provider

Intesis has already started delivering projects with this solution – working together with JUNG Korea, last month the company participated in an important resort project and details will be shared soon.

The importance of controlling Air Conditioning systems

HVAC systems are usually the largest energy-consumers in a building. Therefore, it is crucial for building owners to monitor and control these systems to save costs and energy. Additionally, the Covid-19 pandemic has made it increasingly important to find new ways of installing and using AC units, as ventilation and ‘clean air’ has become a major concern.

The Air Conditioning market is growing fast with new brands and different types of AC units constantly emerging. This makes it challenging for building owners to integrate AC-units into their specific Building Management System (BMS).

1 million AC Units can’t be wrong!

Intesis is celebrating its commitment to sustainability by providing savings of over 150,000 tons CO2 with more than 1 million AC Units integrated in buildings around the world. Building owners where Intesis devices are installed, have saved over 500GWh energy consumption and its corresponding electricity bill.

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